Becoming a Firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter in Colorado

To become a seasonal firefighter, you have to connect with the agency that interests you. Every agency features its own process for hiring seasonal employees. You might want to start thinking about applying to one or more agency.

Wildland Firefighters

Basic level wildland firefighter opportunities are really competitive. Most full-time temporary positions tend to be filled by people who have acquired training and experience through volunteer or part-time roles.

To increase your opportunities to be a seasonal firefighter, we recommend which you apply to several companies. Every agency features its own process for employing seasonal employees. You should start thinking about applying at a few locations round the country. Many times your absolute best opportunity to obtain an entry-level position might at a spot or with an agency which is not your first option.

To meet up the minimal wildland firefighter demands, you need to be at least 18 years of age as well as in great shape. In the event that you satisfy these standard demands, you can easily run here tips to be a wildland firefighter.

Step One

The first step to getting a wildland firefighter is always to locate a sponsor so you could obtain basic instruction. Feasible sources include local fire divisions, fire protection districts, or counties. State and national agencies such as the Colorado Division of Fire protection & Control, U.S. woodland Service and Bureau of Land control also may possibly provide wildland firefighting possibilities, but seldom employ or train individuals with no prior experience.

Once you've found a fire department or company that will sponsor or accept you as a trainee, you may possibly proceed to next step.


Next, you must earn your “Red Card” or Interagency Incident degree Card by finishing the National Wildfire Coordinating Group fundamental Firefighter training course (S-130) and also the Introduction to Fire Behavior program (S-190). As well as classroom and industry education, in addition must pass a strenuous actual work-capacity test to show that you are able to execute physically hard jobs on the go.

Step 3

Once you have gotten your Red Card, your sponsoring agency may list you as a readily available resource aided by the agency or fire division. What this means is you may be sent to wildfires because they take place so when the division or company needs your help. You also may carry on as a volunteer or on-call firefighter while keeping another work, or you should compete for a full-time place.

Kindly go to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group internet site for more information about getting a regular firefighter or a full-time firefighter.

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