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Firefighter age requirements

Incumbent must meet specified levels on annual physical fitness examinations, and pass regular medical examinations for wildland fire employees, commensurate with present incident management skills.

Healthcare and bodily Requirements for Smokejumper Positions: The requirements for both the GS-05 and GS-06 opportunities include suffered, arduous exercise under rigorous and uncommon circumstances. People appointed is going to be possibly put through extreme actual danger also to irregular and protracted hours of work. The health of individuals must be so that they have the capability to fulfill needs for performance when you look at the place as well as for human reliability. Before entry available, and occasionally during work, people must go through a medical evaluation. Failure to meet up some of the required medical qualifications will most likely be looked at disqualifying for work or a basis for cancellation, except whenever substantial evidence exists that individuals can perform the primary features of this job effectively and without hazard to by themselves or others, with or without reasonable accommodation.

WEIGHT: Individuals must weigh at least 120 pounds and no significantly more than 200 pounds without garments.

HEIGHT: level without footwear must not meet or exceed 77 inches or perhaps not as much as 60 inches.

EYESIGHT: should be free from intense or chronic attention condition. Fixed length eyesight must test at least 20/20 (Snellen) within one attention as well as minimum 20/30 (Snellen) inside various other. People must certanly be capable review printed material how big is typewritten figures, correction permitted.

HEARING: Must not have severe or chronic infection of exterior, center, or inner ear. Making use of an audiometer for measurement, there ought to be no reduced 25 or higher decibels in each ear during the message regularity range. A hearing help is certainly not allowed.

NOSE, MOUTH AND THROAT: Must be free from severe or chronic sinus illness or other nasopharyngeal problems that restrict distinct message or free breathing.

TEETH: must certanly be free from any mouth or dental defect that disrupts proper incision and mastication of food.

LUNG AREA: mustn't have acute or chronic infection of the lungs that impairs pulmonary function.

HEART & ARTERIES: should never have natural cardiovascular disease, compensated or otherwise not; valvular diseases; cardiovascular system illness; cardiac enhancement; angina pectoris; cardiac arrhythmia or irregularity apart from sinus arrhythmia; arteriosclerosis; blood pressure levels readings that consistently surpass 150 systolic or 90 diastolic. Hypertension that is managed without complications to virtually any more than the aforementioned systolic and diastolic readings might be qualifying.

ABDOMEN: Cannot have intense or chronic illness of abdomen; considerable development of this liver or spleen; or hernia that interferes with lifting, stretching, flexing, or dealing with tools.

GENITOURINARY/METABOLIC: Cannot have intense or chronic genitourinary condition; intense or chronic prostatitis; large and/or painful varicocele or hydrocele with practical disability; or un-reconciled irregular choosing on urinalysis; including medicine use. Diabetes mellitus may be disqualifying if means or extent of treatment and control are incompatible with working problems.

SPINE, PELVIS, SACROILIAC, AND LUMBROSACRAL JOINTS: Must not have restricted mobility associated with back and pelvic bones that restrict normal function. Individuals cannot have any significant unusual curvature regarding the back or deformity or malformation of parts, spondylolisthesis, or a brief history of herniated nucleus pulposus, with or without surgery, that could be re-injured on effect landing.

EXTREMETIES: Cannot have actually anomalies in the quantity, type, proportion, and action of extremities that affect purpose. This consists of non-united fractures; non-reducible dislocations; united cracks and reduced dislocations with incomplete repair of function; amputation of arm, hand, knee, or foot; reduced any skeletal part of the flash of either hand; losing a lot more than both distal phalanges of this band or small fingers of either hand; ankylosed joints; pes cavus, weakfoot, or clubfoot; flatfoot with signs unresponsive to orthotics; loss or deformity of good toe or any two feet on a single base; torn cartilage or loose international figures within the knee joint; uncertainty associated with knee-joint; or inadequately healed medical procedure.

NEUROLOGICAL SYSTEM: Must not have psychological, nervous, natural, or practical neuro-psychiatric conditions more likely to affect performance; medical background or clinical diagnosis or a seizure disorder showing methods which can be very likely to recur or disturbance of awareness without satisfactory explanation of cause; paralysis or paresis; muscular atrophies or dystrophies that will interfere with correct performance in place.

SKIN: Cannot have incapacitating acute or persistent skin disorder or considerable scar tissue formation that disrupts purpose.

OTHER PROBLEMS: problems or any other conditions not included herein that'll perhaps not exclude someone from consideration supplying the condition is satisfactorily fixed.


Age needs: All appointees needs to be at least 18 years old.

This really is an arduous/hazardous position which needs that individual tentatively chosen pass a physical examination before appointed. An offer of work are withdrawn if the person tentatively chosen cannot pass the real examination.

Work within position is conditional upon your successful completion of this next smokejumper overall performance examinations:

Real Demands:

When you report for task, you're going to be offered a shape test comprising carrying out these exercises:

1.5-mile run in 10:47 minutes or 110-pound pack-out over 3 kilometers of flat landscapes in 65 minutes (both are needed for many novice smokejumpers, and they are tested during rookie instruction)
30 push-ups
6 pull-ups

Work capability Test on hard degree: 3 mile hike over level ground carrying a 45 pound bring completed in 45 mins or less.

People who successfully total the actual requirements will proceed to obtain instruction to satisfy the parachuting needs. Individuals who try not to successfully finish the real demands will get notice from smokejumper management that they'll be taken off Federal employment.

Adeptness Test: To become competent as a smokejumper, staff members will be necessary to satisfactorily total an intensive training curriculum in parachute jumping and fire suppression practices and practices. A minimum of 15 instruction jumps are performed throughout the education duration you start with jumps into simple landscapes, progressing onto more challenging terrain and environmental conditions. Smokejumpers must demonstrate a top standard of skills inside different aspects of parachute bouncing and smokejumper related tasks. These include but they are not restricted to:

Aircraft treatments

Parachute breakdown processes

Parachute landing rolls

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