A San Diego firefighter

Volunteer Firefighter San Diego

The Volunteer Reserve Firefighter Program provides disaster health solutions into unincorporated aspects of hillcrest County. Volunteer Reserve Firefighters tend to be an integral part of the north park County Fire Authority (SDCFA). SDCFA Reserve Volunteer Firefighters are expertly trained and work with staff at our cooperation companies to answer a myriad of emergencies including construction and wildland fires, emergency health incidents, normal disasters, dangerous products incidents, rope-based rescues, liquid rescue problems alongside general public solution phone calls.

Numerous communities in San Diego County rely on Volunteer Reserve Firefighters because their first line of defense during an occasion of disaster. In all, the SDCFA Volunteer Reserve plan acts a population of approximately 486, 000 residents staying in the 1.5 million acres of unincorporated north park County.

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