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Ny volunteer firefighters qualify for free university

We’re constantly happy to distribute the word about any system that can help students leave university with less financial obligation, so today we’ll see the newest York Fire Department’s tuition assistance plan. This system exists by the Fireman’s Association associated with State of the latest York (FASNY) and it is known as ASSIST, which signifies Higher Education training Plan.

The master plan was developed to entice volunteers because New York state’s volunteer fire divisions have a vital manpower shortage. To recruit and keep volunteers, FASNY HELP offers university fees reimbursement for neighborhood universities for as much as 80 hours. Pupil is reimbursed for 100percent of the tuition for a residential district college found within 50 kilometers of the home.

FASNY ASSIST Eligibility

Become eligible, prospects cannot have a bachelor’s degree or have built up 80 hours of college credits. You might also need to simply accept all other sourced elements of free educational funding including Pell grants, TAP honors and any appropriate scholarships. The funds tend to be delivered directly to town university to pay for quantities owed by the firefighter/student for semester of schooling.

Discover a sliding reimbursement scale based on grades:

  • 4.0 (A average) = 100% reimbursement
  • 3.0-3.99 (B average) = 85per cent reimbursement
  • 2.0-2.99 (C average) = 75% reimbursement
Volunteer firefighters will get free tuition

FASNY ASSIST Provider Obligations

You don’t need to start serving as a volunteer firefighter unless you have actually finished your 80 hours or have withdrawn from the community college system. You will do need certainly to keep certain quantities of task and be involved in training as defined by the fire department they have been involving.

The longer you use the program, the more your service requirement are going to be. Here’s what you’ll owe to FASNY depending on just how heavily you utilize the program:

  • 46-80 credit hours paid = four many years of volunteerism
  • 31-45 credit hours paid = three years of volunteerism
  • 16-30 credit hours paid = 2 yrs of volunteerism
  • 1-15 credit hours compensated = a year of volunteerism


In the event that you finish off your 2 yrs of neighborhood university and choose to carry on to pursue a bachelor’s, you could get a deferment in your service when you have been in university. This is a one-time just shot and you have in which to stay school continuously to steadfastly keep up the solution deferment. Deferment persists as much as three years. It is possible to get a service deferment in the event that you join the army after playing FASNY ASSIST.

The assistance program provides great benefits but does not provide 2nd opportunities for non-compliance with any one of its requirements. In the event that you don’t match volunteer obligations, you’ll be kicked from program and will have to pay right back resources you obtained. The ones that leave this program will need to repay 20per cent per year of solution they don’t meet.

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