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What to do to become a Firefighter?

Q&A Feature: how do you Be a Firefighter?We only at FireLink are constantly becoming expected questions such as for instance: “how do I become a firefighter?”, “what is anticipated of me actually?”, and “do i want a college level?” There is absolutely no one better equipped to resolve these concerns than firefighters themselves, so we have created a list of reactions found in our Forums. So, right here’s a fast help guide to the best Q&A we’ve found to obtain started in your job. If you don’t discover what you need, post a brand new bond!

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Q&A Topics

Note: These Q&As are taken right from our Discussion boards as a collection of individual advice. They have been in no way a reflection of’s opinions, analysis, or guidance. They might or might not have been edited solely for the intended purpose of readability, perhaps not content. For an official FireLink guide, please Battalion Chief Paul Lepore’s article on “5 methods to Becoming a Firefighter.”

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