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Volunteer Fire Departments Grants available

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Governor Bentley on Wednesday launched $100, 000 will be made available to Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD) in Alabama. The wants based give program will likely to be granted to reimburse departments for costs incurred in their reaction to wildfires over the condition starting October 1, 2016. A complete of $100, 000 can be acquired; but funds to $2, 500 may be granted according to financial need and departmental budget framework.

“i truly value the commitment and sacrifice associated with the both women and men whom worked with their particular neighborhood Volunteer Fire Departments to safeguard their particular communities throughout the state’s extreme drought, ” Governor Bentley stated. “i've been made alert to a number of the costs the volunteer fire departments sustained fighting numerous fires, such a short period of the time, and I also am optimistic the $2, 500 grant can help all of them deal with some of the VFD’s costs.”

Those VFDs enthusiastic about obtaining the grant should provide details about missions completed to support condition wildfire response. Each division will also be expected to supply paperwork on how reimbursable funds had been expended, including copies of receipts. In line with the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC), at the time of December 2nd, an overall total of 3, 644 wildfires consumed practically 50, 000 miles of land in Alabama, with 2, 219 of those fires and 29, 406 miles happening since October first.

Little River Canyon fire (Photo: minimal River Canyon nationwide keep)“During the recent drought emergency, volunteer fire divisions throughout the state partnered with our agency’s wildland firefighters to protect the resides and residential property of Alabama citizens every day, ” Alabama Forestry Commission Interim State Forester Gary Cole said. “Many of these VFDs responded time and again to help our crews, expending funds more than their yearly budgets. The Alabama Forestry Commission values this relationship and deeply appreciates their service and sacrifices. We’re satisfied that the Governor offers monetary assistance to these deserving people.”

The Alabama crisis Management department (AEMA) will continue to work with AFC to manage the VFD Wildfire Response give program.

“The State has recently endured many fires caused by the severe drought while the expenses of giving an answer to those fires have financially influenced our volunteer fire departments, ” Alabama EMA Director Art Faulkner stated. “These funds helps these divisions offset extra expenses sustained particularly fuel, equipment operations alongside expenditures associated with their great and required response‎.”

AEMA will notify the VFDs of the grant opportunity and provide even more details about the application procedure. VFDs will need to finish and send their particular application to their county EMA company by close of company January 5, 2017.

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