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Volunteer Fire Department Statistics

If you’re contemplating beginning a profession in firefighting, or you happen to be employed in that area, you will end up thinking about reviewing the most notable 10 firefighter statistics. Although firefighting may be dangerous, it's the most gratifying careers it is possible to choose. By getting often a career or a volunteer firefighter, you’re making an invaluable contribution towards neighborhood and to culture at large.

1. Number of firefighters
The estimated amount of firefighters employed in the U.S. is 1, 134, 400. Of this quantity, 346, 150 are job firefighters and 788, 250 are volunteers.

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2. Firefighter many years
Firefighter statistics classified by age group: 16-19 (3percent), 20-29 (21percent), 30-39 (28%), 40-49 (26per cent), 50-59 (16%), 60 and over (6percent).

3. Firefighter salary
Firefighter data for typical firefighter income at the time of 2015: $49, 330 (in accordance with the Bureau of work Statistics).

4. Total responses
The total wide range of firefighter answers had been 33, 602, 500, a small reduce from 2014.

5. Healthcare answers
Medical attention ended up being the main reason behind firefighter response at 21, 500, 000. That figure reflects an increase of 1.3 million over 2014.

6. False alarms
The next highest reason for firefighter reaction had been untrue alarms at 2, 533, 500. That figure features steadily increased since 2011.

7. Quantity of fires
The full total wide range of firefighter reactions because of fire ended up being 1, 345, 500; that is 47, 500 even more fires compared to 2014.

8. Where career firefighters work
70 % of career firefighters are working in communities with a populace of 25, 000 or more. This firefighter figure reflects the fact the people thickness is relational towards amount of firefighters necessary to protect the community.

9. In which volunteer firefighters work
Ninety-five % of volunteer firefighters are in working at fire departments that shield a populace of significantly less than 25, 000. A lot more than 50% of volunteers are observed in small, outlying departments that protect a population of lower than 2, 500.

10. Fire's toll
There were 1, 345, 500 building framework fires in 2015. Of the fires, an estimated property reduced $14.3 billion was reported. The total number of civil deaths in structure fires for 2015 had been 3, 280. The amount of civil injuries reported was 15, 700.

Incentive firefighter figure: you can find 29, 980 fire divisions in U.S.

These firefighter statistics provide you with an idea of the kinds of problems firefighters are generally called to respond to, along with the numbers, age brackets and salaries of firefighters in the us.

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