Rhode Island Volunteer Fire Departments

Town has two volunteer fire divisions just who proudly offer Southern Kingstown.

Union Fire District

The Chief's Office is located at 131 Asa Pond path in Wakefield, RI.

Stations feature:

  • Facility 1 Peace Dale
  • Station 2 Wakefield
  • Place 3 Woodland Fire
  • Station 4 Kingston
  • Station 5 Snug Harbor
  • Facility 6 Tower Hill
  • Station 7 Matunuck
  • Facility 8 Tuckertown
  • Station 9 West Kingston

Kingston Fire District

The Kingston Fire District, established in 1923, provides heavy relief, fire disaster service and fire code administration when it comes to University of Rhode Island in addition to immediate surrounding town of Kingston. The facility and also the Chief's workplace is based at 35 Bills Rd in Kingston, RI.

*Burn Permits*

Please note burn licenses are not given by Union Fire District or Kingston Fire District. Burn licenses are available straight through the Town by visiting the Southern Kingstown Public protection advanced, positioned at 1790 Kingstown Road, Wakefield RI.

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