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The Kentland Volunteer Fire Department is composed of two firehouses, business 33 and business 46. It really is two of 47 volunteer fire programs that comprise the Prince George’s County Fire division (PGFD). Company 33, arguably the busiest volunteer engine, relief and tower organization in the country, could be the division featured on this website. Its staffed solely by a passionate group of volunteers 100per cent of the time, a surprising achievement in today’s society of reduced volunteerism.


Station 33 is located in Landover, Maryland, simply outside the District of Columbia, roughly 5 kilometers from the Capital into the county of Prince George’s. Our response location includes FedEx Field, residence associated with Washington Redskin’s and Six Flags Amusement Park*. Significant roadways for instance the Capital Beltway (I-495) and MD Route 50 bring commuters to and from an area of professional buildings, garden design flats and single-family and duplex houses including brand new construction to over 75 many years in age.

Just What?

Organization 33 works one class ‘A’ engine, a mini-pumper, a combination class ‘A’ engine / hefty rescue and a 75 foot Baker-AerialScope Tower Ladder. Volunteers respond to over 7, 200 crisis situations rendering it oftentimes the busiest one-hundred percent volunteer fire department on the planet with connected equipment reactions of practically 13, 000 annually. Kentland business 33 has additionally held the subject associated with the busiest motor company in Maryland, busiest Ladder company in PG, plus the busiest volunteer engine organization when you look at the nation as noticed in Firehouse Magazine’s Annual Run study.

The volunteers of Kentland are made of over 50 individuals, with 15 to 20 lifestyle in the fire home. The typical experience of the division is 12 years and several of users are paid firefighters with departments when you look at the metropolitan location for instance the DCFD, Fairfax County FD and Montgomery County FD. Kentland prides itself in supplying superior solution to it's community including aggressive interior assault firefighting.

*Six Flags Amusement Park is located beyond Co. 33 major reaction location (very first because of) in Co. 43’s very first due, both motor Co. 33 and Tower 33 tend to be main response services (special service).

The Station

Kentland 33 is found at 7701 Landover path in Landover, Maryland. The place features three dual bays and two single bays in which all fire equipment is stored. Living hotels feature area for 25 live-in users, 17 of which tend to be single individual areas. The firehouse even offers all typical needs within property such as for instance a TV room, two kitchens and 4 restrooms. Besides discover a game/workout room and offices for both functional and administrative officers. Normally 15 to 20 members stay on firehouse, some thing special to metropolitan DC volunteer departments. Members residing at the place trade off having no bills (lease, phone, electric, etc.) for staffing throughout their spare time.

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