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Congratulations to any or all just who caused it to be into Command workforce Interviews in December 2016. We had a very skilled group of candidates in 2010, together with selection procedure had been hard. Everyone that managed to get to your Command team Interviews will be commended. Its most definitely no little accomplishment.Below are links into lists of those which can be getting job offers as clinically certified, and people being obtaining task provides through CornerStone Staffing to wait EMT B/I training. We have additionally included our alternative lists for both. The alternative lists are sorted by ranking, and will also be used should there be a need to add extra workers this present year. As in previous postings, the names tend to be by purchase quantity, 1st two letters of last title, therefore the first couple of letters of the first-name.2017 AFD Certified Hiring Number
2017 AFD Alternate Certified Number
2017 CornerStone EMT List
2017 CornerStone Alternate EMT ListFor those who weren’t offered tasks this present year, we sincerely thanks if you are a part of our procedure. Please contemplate using with us again later in 2017.

Criminal Justice Ideas Techniques (CJIS) Information

All staff members of Arlington Fire division, regardless of position or project, have to fulfill and keep maintaining skills for Criminal Justice Ideas Systems (CJIS) accessibility, as specified because of the Tx Commission on Law Enforcement’s “Texas CJIS Systems Access plan.” Those demands can be found within after links:

Other Employment Opportunities

  • For queries about tasks in Dispatch solutions telephone call 817-543-5916
  • For inquiries about jobs in Fire protection including Inspectors, detectives and EOD call 817-459-5539

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