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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. – A firefighter using Perry Township Fire Department in Lawrence County is being faced with arson after officials state he began several fires.

Authorities got information that firefighter Adam Selbee are a possible suspect inside rash of fires, including five structures and three hay bales.

In lot of associated with fires, officials say Selbee ended up being often the individual to report the fire or even the very first firefighter to reach towards the scene.

A search warrant ended up being acquired to put a monitoring unit on Selbee’s automobile.

On Oct. 13, Selbee ended up being arrested. During a job interview with officials, he apparently admitted to burning three vacant frameworks and multiple hay bales burning, "because he liked responding" to them as a firefighter.

Among structures had been the old Springville Gym. Officials state Selbee told all of them he poured a cup of gasoline in to the building’s cooking area and set it on fire on July 19. Consequently, the gymnasium had been damaged.

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