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Efficient January 1, 2013 the Volunteer Firefighter and EMS Personnel taxation Credit had been readily available for volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS workers. Efficient January 1, 2014, the Reserve Peace Officer Tax Credit is available for volunteer book peace officials. To qualify for the credits the taxpayer must meet with the conditions here.

For Volunteer Firefighters:

  • Must be a dynamic member of an organized volunteer fire department in Iowa.
  • Must meet up with the minimal instruction criteria founded because of the Fire provider Training Bureau, a division associated with Iowa division of Public Health.
  • a paid firefighter which volunteers for the next fire division is entitled to the credit, effective January 1, 2014.
  • Somebody who volunteers as a firefighter, for a fire department where these are typically utilized, is qualified to receive the credit if they're used in a capability apart from as a firefighter.

For Volunteer Emergency Medical Providers Personnel:

  • Needs to be trained to supply emergency health care, certified as an initial responder, and been released a certification because of the Iowa division of Public Health.
  • a compensated EMS workers user which volunteers for the next department is eligible for the credit, efficient January 1, 2013.
  • Somebody who volunteers as an EMS personnel user, for a department in which they've been utilized, is eligible for the credit if they are utilized in a capacity besides as an EMS personnel member.

For Reserve Peace Officials:

  • Must certanly be a volunteer, non-regular, sworn member of a law enforcement company just who serves with or without compensation, features regular police capabilities while operating as a law enforcement agency’s representative, and participates frequently when you look at the law enforcement agency’s activities including criminal activity prevention and control, preservation for the peace, and administration of law.
  • Need fulfilled the minimal education requirements set up by the Iowa police force Academy.
  • A person who volunteers as a reserve comfort officer, for a department through which they are utilized, is qualified to receive the credit if they are used in an ability besides as a comfort officer.

Amount of the Taxation Credit

The income tax credit equals $100 in the event that volunteer serves for the entire calendar year. In the event that volunteer doesn't offer the entire year, the $100 credit should be prorated on the basis of the quantity of months that the volunteer served. If volunteer served for some of four weeks, which will be considered as a complete month. The dining table below provides the qualifying amount of taxation credit by months of solution for the 12 months.

Range Months of Provider

Quantity of Tax Credit
















If someone serves much more than one place as a volunteer firefighter, volunteer EMS workers, and book peace officer, the credit can only just be advertised for example volunteer position. One credit is advertised regarding the IA 1040.

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