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Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 6.48.22 PM.pngSAN ANTONIO, TX - it does not simply take a professional to inform you traffic near Highway 281 and Loop 1604 is bad. But, imagine if that specialist said due to bad traffic, they mightn't allow you to a medical facility quickly sufficient?

You'd probably simply take another listen.

Because the City of San Antonio expands its Northern borders as well as the services of this San Antonio Fire Department, people who currently inhabit San Antonio, may endure some unintended consequences.

It's not the trouble of traffic that disturbs united states, but alternatively the impact on lifesaving attention, when moments matter most. Give Consideration To:

In the last couple of years, you've probably heard one thing in regards to the 281 North commercial annexation program. As reported because of the San Antonio Express-News in Sept. 2016, the town of San Antonio plans to lover using Bexar Bulverde Volunteer Fire division to give initial very first responder crisis solution. San Antonio firefighters and EMS would respond together, however the Bexar Bulverde teams would respond first.

Annexation programs started i letter Nov. 2014, if the City of San Antonio directed the division of preparing and Community Development to begin annexation for five annexation "priority places" in 2015 and 2016. They included IH-10 West, IH-10 East, Highway 151, Highway 90/Loop 1604, and United States 281 North. (Origin: City of San Antonio Planning & Community Development).

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.31.16 AM.pngThe disaster services policy for the Bexar Bulverde location is just one that will no doubt, raise the already exemplary standard of solution business owners and residents in the area have come to savor and anticipate. The Bexar Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department is the one this is certainly teeming with dedicated firefighters that have supported that area for more than 40 years.

Because of the City's annexation program doesn't add building a brand new San Antonio Fire Department station, people who live South and East of this area within the City of San Antonio, could find on their own coping with also longer response times in life-threatening situations.

To understand here example, look at the chart below for research. The blue performers represent in which Bexar Bulverde Fire division channels tend to be and in which surrounding San Antonio Fire division stations have been in red.

Within the City of San Antonio's annexation program, Bexar Bulverde V.F.D. could be used to answer fires in the industry aspects of 281 North, as they have always been. Assisting San Antonio Fire Departments from either facility 46 or Station 48 would then be called in to assist Bulverde area problems.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.31.43 AM.pngtoday, if either Station 46 or facility 48 had been called to the Bulverde location, facility 43 or facility 14 can be called to respond to problems in the area Station 46 and Station 48 typically address.

In regular traffic, the drive from facility 46 towards the furthest location Station 48 covers might only be 13 to fifteen minutes. People who drive usually for the reason that location may understand straight back roadways to obtain around a potentially hefty trafficked 1604 or busy Blanco Road. But imagine the heavy traffic each day and mid-day rush hours?

Therefore, we examined it out for ourselves around 5 p.m. on a standard Wednesday. Thereon day, we drove an ordinary automobile through traffic from Station 43 on western Bitters path to Hardy Oak Boulevard in the rock Oak Area. We took more direct route on Google Maps, which suggested a 17 minute travel that included taking Loop 1604 and getting down at Stone Oak Parkway. At noon, that course indicated a 13 moment travel on Google Maps.

Today, just because firefighters are choosing lights and sirens, it doesn't necessarily mean they could drive the truck across busy intersections or navigate area streets effortlessly. As shown when you look at the video and in the image below, rock Oak Parkway is a two-lane roadway with lawn and pathways coating it. It would be hazardous to-drive thereon, specifically during a busy rush hour.

The San Antonio expert Firefighters Association is deeply concerned that if the 281 North commercial area is annexed, it will probably pull San Antonio Fire facility resources farther away. Currently, the San Antonio Fire division serves a 597.1 square mile radius (or 1, 469, 845 men and women) with 51 channels. As a reference, the City of Dallas acts a 385.8 square mile distance (or 1, 300, 092 individuals) and has 58 fire programs. (Supply: Wikipedia)

In a worst situation situation, if an individual fire crew was in another fire section's location, it could mean the response time and energy to an emergency right next door from their section could be significantly impacted.

SAPFFA happens to be performing analysis on what a fresh fire place would greatly gain not only new Northern next-door neighbors, should the area be annexed in Dec. 2016, although San Antonio residents just who sorely need it.

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