West Point Volunteer Fire Department

The West aim Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad welcomed a fresh fire vehicle to your fleet at noon on Tuesday, March 15.

The public gathering were held at fire house on 7th Street, attracting over 30 individuals, including members of this new Kent and Lower King and Queen fire departments, regional police force, western aim city officials and King William County workers.

As a symbolic means of honoring past firefighters, fire division members physically pushed the vehicle in to the fire household.

Push ceremonies date back once again to whenever fire apparatus had been horse drawn and would have to be pushed into the fire home after responding to telephone calls.

West aim's brand-new vehicle, named Squad 3, is a pumper and relief truck that includes specific equipment to get rid of injured individuals from automobiles, fight fires and carry tools.

“Overall the truck is a gigantic rolling toolbox, ” western Point Fire Chief Joseph Bartos said.

Purchasing the truck has been around the works since might 2014. It absolutely was bought from Atlantic Emergency possibilities, which is "basically the equivalent to a car or truck dealership for fire and EMS equipment, " Bartos said.

Squad 3 will replace the department's 22-year-old rescue engine, motor 3, and will join a pumper vehicle with a ladder, a tanker truck, a mini-pumper truck and four ambulances on fire residence.

Essex Bank, which is funding the truck, provided lunch when it comes to push ceremony, including spaghetti salad, hot puppies, potato chips, soda and cookies.

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