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Sykesville Volunteer Fire Department

Sykesville firefighters indicated hope and optimism Saturday with the news that one of their own was at steady problem and expected to recuperate after becoming shot during a site contact Prince George's County.

Kevin Swain, 19, a mainstay during the Sykesville Freedom District Fire division since their days using the business's junior firefighter device as a teen, ended up being shot four times and seriously wounded Friday while giving an answer to a get in touch with Temple Hills. A colleague in the responding unit, paramedic John Ulmschneider, 37, ended up being killed.

After surgery Friday night, Swain ended up being listed in steady problem Saturday.

"everyone feel much better which he's in good spirits and it is aware, " stated Bill Rehkopf, spokesman for Sykesville station. "it may went extremely differently. Yesterday evening ended up being all about processing our shock and arriving at grips with all the tragedy.

"Today is relief within great progress he seems to be making, " he said.

Swain spent my youth in Sykesville and functions as a firefighter and crisis medical professional for the Sykesville business, Rehkopf stated, but he's in addition a live-in user on Morningside Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George's.

He was with a product that taken care of immediately property after the brother for the guy who lived there informed authorities he was concerned with the guy's safety, Prince George's fire officials stated. The man stated his cousin had difficulty managing his blood sugar, and then he was worried because his bro was not answering the telephone or even the home.

Once the device arrived, anyone in ended up being unresponsive, so they attemptedto force entry, authorities said. One around fired a few rounds, striking Swain and Ulmschneider — as well as the man who had made the decision for solution.

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