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Rochester Volunteer Fire Department

The Fire division is in charge of:

  • Supplying crisis fire, relief, and medical response
  • Giving fire avoidance and safety courses
  • Providing hazardous materials response and training
  • Investigating fires and arson
  • Making fire code inspections
Become a Volunteer Firefighter
If you should be thinking about getting a volunteer firefighter, kindly sign up. For those who have any queries about the process please call the Fire division.

Emergency Dispatch and Fire Suppression
The Fire division makes use of the town of Rochester Police Emergency Dispatch center to manage fire and health emergencies. The Fire Department reacts with an ambulance for each health emergency call in the City of Rochester.

The division responds to all the forms of fire-related problems for the citizens and businesses of Rochester with fire suppression solutions. Emergencies include: structure fires, vehicle fires, grass fires, smoke investigations, triggered fire alarms, down energy lines, gas leakages, and all sorts of other fire-related problems.

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