Lake Norman Fire Rescue

Lake Norman Volunteer Fire Department

A real concern for betterment associated with community generated the synthesis of Lake Norman Volunteer Fire division. In the mid 1960’s, several volunteer fire departments were being formed throughout Iredell County. The residents for the Mayhew community made the decision they needed one because of their very own. The Brawley School Road peninsula was in fact included in Troutman, Mount Mourne, and Shepherd Volunteer Fire Departments. The Town of Mooresville also made a truck offered if needed.

At the beginning of 1966, a gathering occured at Williamson Chapel Methodist Church so that you can form a fire department. As a consequence of that conference, a six person steering committee had been formed to talk about the feasibility of forming a department in addition to looking for land. Lake Norman Fire division was started with $126.81. Six different parcels of land were provided for placement of the department. A residential property had been chosen that was central into the area to be safeguarded because of the new fire department. The initial place has reached 1206 Brawley class path.

On March 17, 1966, another conference occured as well as the title Lake Norman Volunteer Fire division had been opted for. When the land had been secured, volunteers supplied most of the labor to build the building and far associated with materials had been in addition donated. With the building erected, Iredell County supplied $12, 000 toward the purchase of the very first pumper vehicle. At this time, the county offered only $750 toward department per year for utilities. The first equipment purchased because of the department had been a 1953 tanker from Lone Creek Fire Department and a 1967 Ford Pumper. The tanker held 2, 500 gallons of liquid. The pumper had a 500 gallon each and every minute pump and a 500 gallon tank. It was the start that led us into the six device and two boats at this time used by the division.

The division has grown using the community considering that the humble beginnings. Whenever started, very few homes were regarding the still-new Lake Norman. Lake Norman Volunteer Fire division once covered the section of Mecklenburg County that was cut-off whenever pond ended up being filled. “Meck Neck”, the location past Stonemarker Road, formally became an integral part of Iredell County in 1998.

This growth generated a new section becoming opened in 2006 on existing location. Due to the fact years have actually passed away, numerous gracious folks have volunteered during the department. It really is with a heartfelt want to honor those who served before united states that leads the division to shoot for quality right now.

Board of Directors 1966

Former Chiefs

WW Thompson 1966-1967

AY Neel Jr. President

Bobby Lineberger 1967-1974

Bobby Lineberger Vice-president

Eddie Neel 1974-2001

WW Thompson Treasurer

Larry Delph 2001-2010

Lamont Thompson Secretary

Paul Armstrong

Ray Bumgarner

Russell Bumgarner

Ford Mayhew

Howard Neel

Donald Stutts

JD Stutts

DC Thompson

Flake Turbyfill

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