College Park Volunteer Fire Department Engine 122

College Park Volunteer Fire Department

- Around 1330, Truck 812 was sent while the 3rd due unique solution on 4900 block of Ravenswood Rd. First showing up companies reported smoke showing from a 2 tale solitary family home. Chief 812B had the demand, while Chief 812 assisted using interior. Truck 812 split crews. The inside crew assisted with searching the basement and seeking the fire, while Truck 812's second crew finished laddering and searched Division 1. Truck 812 operated for approximately 1 hour before returning to solution.

***Photo courtesy Spiro Dimakas***

- Around 2030, Truck 812 had been sent due to the fact first due truck in the 2nd alarm into the 13900 block of Briarwood Rd the apartment fire. Initially arriving companies had fire on Division 3 of the building, also through roof. Chief 812 also-ran the assignment and ended up being assigned security. Vehicle 812 arrived on scene and added to side alpha. Truck 812 set-up for ladder pipe operations. After demand stopped ladder pipe functions, Truck 812's team had been assigned to Division 3. Truck 812 operated on Division 3 with a hand line and extinguished fire into the bravo part flats as well as in the cockloft. Truck 812 had been the reassigned toward originating fire apartment to check on for hot spots. Truck 812 carried on to help with renovation and operated for approximately 4 hours before time for service. A812B (129) also-ran the decision.

***Photo thanks to PGFD PIO***

- Around 1300, Truck 812 was dispatched towards 6700 block of Dorman St as truck from the working fire dispatch. Chiefs 812 and 812B also ran the phone call. Truck 812 arrived on scene and established RIT with E835 on part alpha. Chief 812 and Chief 812B operated as interior supervisors. Because fire operating the void spaces, demand evacuated the building. Truck 812 was then used for its ladder pipe on part bravo. Once the bulk of the fire had been knocked, teams from Truck 812 joined the dwelling and assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. Company 12 operated for about 2.5 hours before returning to service.

***Photo thanks to Bladensburg VFD***

- Around 1430, motor 812B (121) ended up being sent to business 41's area for report of a building company truck unstoppable. Very first arriving businesses discovered a trailer totally involved. System 812B ended up being the first engine organization to have a continuing water-supply, an thus ended up being utilized given that assault motor. Engine 812B flowed it is deck weapon including several hand lines. Business 12 operated for 45 mins before returning to solution.
- Around 0700, Truck 812 ended up being sent to your 5400 block of Queens Chapel Rd in business 1's first because of. An off task authorities company had called and reported a building on fire. Business 1 rapidly came on scene and verified a functional building fire. Chief 812 in addition appeared on scene and assumed the command. A moment security has also been begun. Truck 812 arrived on side Charlie and reported smoke from the roofing. Vehicle 812 split crews. Truck 812's interior crew searched the fire device and adjoining products. Truck 812's exterior staff labored on pushing the greatly fortified side Charlie doors associated with products. Truck 812 performed extensive mop-up and overhaul before returning to solution. Business 12 operated for 2 hours.

***Photos due to Hyattesville VFD, Bladensburg VFD, and PGFD Fire Chief Marc Bashoor***

- right before 0700, Truck 812 had been sent towards 2200 block of Phelps Rd for report of a smell of smoke in building. Company 34 arrived on scene with absolutely nothing obvious. If they achieved the reporting flooring, the discovered smoke in the apartment. The assignment ended up being rapidly upgraded to a box as companies discovered fire in a bedroom. Truck 812 arrived and caused E834 to test for extension and ventilate. Business 12 operated at a lower price then 1 our before returning to service.
- Around 2245, Truck 812 ended up being sent towards 5800 block of Cherrywood Lane for stated apartment fire. Chief 812 also-ran the phone call. Initially arriving units reported fire showing through the terrace degree apartment. Truck 812 searched divisions 2 and 3, and laddered sides Charlie/delta and ventilate the roof. Shortly after dispatch, a moment box project was sent some devices down. A812 (128) was sent on that project, that was another working fire. Overall, units from organization 12 operated for approximately 2 hours before going back to service.

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