Culpeper Virginia: Brandy

Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department

To Aid in the Preservation of lifestyle and Property, and to Teach, practise, and improve Fire Prevention and protection.

Which our company is:

The Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department is a non-profit each VOLUNTEER fire department. BVFD was launched in 1951 by a group of males which had a desire to protect the small area known as Brandy Station, Virginia, situated in Culpeper County. You can easily find out more towards reputation for the division right here.

What we do:

The Brandy facility Volunteer Fire division is dedicated to offering Fire and EMS solutions to Culpeper County and surrounding counties (through mutual aid). We host and do numerous events throughout the year. Take a look at our events schedule, here. A number of the occasions that we host feature:

*Some exclusions considering holiday breaks, special occasions & weather

Culpeper County:

Fire and save Services are offered into residents of Culpeper County through a system comprised of both volunteer and career employees. There are eight volunteer businesses offering solutions into the County. You will find approximately 594 volunteer users spread among these companies, which more or less 361 tend to be energetic working volunteers. Each of these agencies possesses its own officials to oversee the operations of their particular business. The volunteers are the primary providers of fire and relief protection. Most of the users work regular full‐time tasks leading to restricted availability of volunteers for weekday coverage.

Culpeper County maintains shared help agreements with Fauquier, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock Counties. The division of Fire, save and crisis Services also seeks to lessen interest in fire and relief solutions through a proactive fire prevention and protection program. This program includes numerous public training tasks also a fire safety inspection program. Assessments are supplied for public school system as well as for commercial and manufacturing businesses.

(2015) Culpeper County Comprehensive Plan. Recovered from

Culpeper County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association is present to assist in coordination and provision of disaster solutions between Culpeper County, VA additionally the departments of the county. The CCVFRA provides important services for member businesses, including:

  • matching training of crisis services personnel
  • assisting into the development of uniform dispatch protocols
  • developing standard operating guidelines for approval by the member businesses
  • obtaining budget allocations from county and dispersing them to its member companies
  • supplying a discussion board in which all the user companies can work collectively generate constant delivery of emergency solutions on citizens

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