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Training may be the heart of every Fire Department and is doubly very important to the Volunteer division. Without one, vital abilities the firefighter might need at any time will start to decay. WPFD has a proud heritage of instruction to a greater standard. The existing curriculum set up jobs a Volunteer Firefighter to make the Ca State Fire Marshal Firefighter I certificate within approximately 2 yrs, with extra education. WPFD could be the only Volunteer division in Yolo County that includes a written training routine to meet up with these needs. Firefighter we is the identical certificate job firefighters gain before these are generally placed online in most town divisions. This additional amount of instruction is made feasible through forward-thinking senior members of the Department while the Department Training staff.

Every volunteer member is expected to attend training exercise nights, three times 30 days. “Drill” is held regarding the first three Mondays of every thirty days, and another motif is planned per evening. These drills follow the standard curriculum of CA State Fire Marshal FFI program, and so are taught because of the WPFD Training Officer and/or his Staff.

Training exercises begin greatly at 7PM and often last until about 9PM. Throughout that time, it workforce will review key concepts the Drill, discuss important ability features, after that determine the Field system for the rest of the evening. Once the class room tasks are done, it is time and energy to gear up-and go exercise the abilities. While class room training is essential, there is absolutely no replacement the genuine article. WPFD Members train utilizing the actual gear they'll certainly be making use of on crisis calls: Throwing ladders, pulling hose pipe outlines, Search/Rescue, live fire drills, automobile extrication, first-aid also abilities tend to be practiced over repeatedly.

WPFD understands the day-to-day needs put-on a Volunteer Firefighter. Although we anticipate one to started to as much drills as you are able to, if you aren’t able to go to Drill on certain night, you may possibly are accountable to the facility on any given time to examine the last week’s drill and training with our on-duty staff. Since the Station is staffed 7 days a week, you'll be able to practice abilities every so often other than Drill Night. When you won’t have the benefit of using the services of a crew and building group skills, you will still be in a position to finish the relevant skills and discover the materials underneath the tutelage of a trained firefighter.

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