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Vol Firefighter

Type Fee
Initial (assigned) $43.75
Yearly renewal (assigned) $0
Preliminary (tailored) Can’t personalize
Yearly revival (personalized)

The yearly custom dish revival charge is in addition to your automobile enrollment renewal charge. You will end up billed the plates every 2 yrs whenever you renew your enrollment.

Do you know the needs?

Could I purchase this plate online?

No, you can't order this plate on the web.

May I order this plate by phone?

No, you cannot order this dish by phone.

May I purchase this plate by mail?

Yes, you must purchase this plate by mail.

Mail the completed form, required documents (if appropriate) along with your repayment to:

NYS DMV Custom Plates Device
P.O. Container 2775
Albany, NY 12220

May I purchase this plate at a DMV office?

No, you cannot purchase this dish at a DMV workplace.

Custom dishes offering the Universal representation of Access for those who qualify can be obtained only through the Custom Plates product. Observe to order plates that include the Universal representation of Access or call the Personalized Plates device at 1-518-402-4838.

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