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Fireman requirements

So that you can extinguish a fire it is vital to attack the source of this fire. So that you can approach the chair of this fire, adequate defense is required from heat and smoke. That is why, fireman outfit is used agreeable boats to battle emergency fire. There are particular rules and regulations to be followed while holding fireman’s outfit on boats.

The fire fighter ensemble is necessary on every ship. The ensemble consist of here things:-

1) Breathing equipment

2) Water resisting clothes

3) security footwear

4) Hand Gloves

5) Rigid Helmet

6) Electric intrinsically safe hand lamp that can last for three hours duration

7) Fire Axe

8) a very good fire proof line

9) a gear to carry Auxiliary equipment

Depending on SOLAS the minimum range fire fighter outfit needed aboard are as follows:-

1) For ship between 500-2500 tons minimal two units are needed.

2) For ship between 2500-4000 tons minimal three units are required.

3) For vessels 4000 tons and above minimal four sets are required.

The fire fighter ensemble is kept in the fire control room plus locations where can be accessible during problems.

Need for self-contained Breathing Appratus (SCBA) utilized in Fire Fighter Outfit

1) ability of environment bottle must be at the least 1200 liters.

2) it ought to be capable of working half an hour & given one nose and mouth mask.

3) fire-proof line with snap hook with a minimum of 3 yards must be here and need sufficient length to attain any part of the space to-be entered. Line needs breaking strength of 500 kg.

4) Adjustable protection buckle or harness made from textile.

5) it should have a b- pass valve.

6) it will have a force measure with anti bursting orifice in high-pressure air supply system.

7) optimum weight cannot increase above 19 kg including lifeline, protection gear and use.

8) Spare cylinders ought to be offered of totally 2400 liters of free air.

9) For vessels carryings 5 units or more, the total spare ability of free-air is 9600 liters or if charging facility can be obtained, free-air is 4800 liters.

10) it should provide audible caution whenever 20 percent of environment is left inside container.

11) working directions should always be present near the appratus.

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