Firehouse Volunteer

Join our team of volunteers for an inspiring and fulfilling experience with the arts. Really make a difference inside our community by getting a volunteer in the Firehouse Arts Center.


To become a volunteer and join occasions, follow the guidelines below under “How to be a Volunteer”. You can e-mail united states. Please feature your name, telephone number, e-mail and specialized niche.



All volunteers must attend a positioning before providing. Kindly arrive quickly at your planned gallery/theater move. If struggling to provide, please contact the volunteer system coordinator so staff can get in touch with an appropriate substitute volunteer. Contact a FAC staff person in case of any kind of difficulties. We're here to aid you.

Attire: job or expert everyday, comfortable footwear.


Registration backlinks for volunteer opportunities will likely to be provided for all those who have finished a volunteer direction and created a free account on Better influence. If you have not finished a Volunteer Orientation instruction, please see times below, or contact Bob Elliot or Sarah Logan. After you have been through the positioning, developed a merchant account in the volunteer website, and also have your bank account accepted, it is possible to look at the upcoming occasions.

Volunteer Orientation place: Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Ave.


As representatives of the City of Pleasanton and also the Firehouse Arts Center, duties consist of making our clients feel welcome and comfortable, and encouraging respect for the theater and gallery. Below are some of the volunteer positions, and a quick description about each one of these.


Gallery attendants assist welcome people to the gallery on weekdays, weekends and during movie theater performances if the center is available to the general public. Gallery attendants could also be helpful away aided by the numerous convention and occasion tasks such as for example mailings or other gallery jobs. Attendants are encouraged to become familiar with the displays and artists to assist site visitors have an interesting expertise in the gallery.


Theater volunteers are at the heart of carrying out arts experience for patrons at Firehouse. Ushers welcome the viewers, check always their particular seats, assist folks discover their seats, and help your house manager to make the big event a smooth and enjoyable one.


Distribute will call passes to clients from box-office. Check always patron identification before providing pre-purchased seats. Answer questions as needed.


Gallery attendants assist enjoy visitors to the gallery on weekdays, vacations and during movie theater shows if the center is open to the public. Gallery attendants will also help away with different event and event jobs such mailings or other gallery jobs. Attendants are encouraged to understand the exhibits and artists being help site visitors have actually a fascinating experience in the gallery. Should be 21 or over.


Serve and renew refreshments, help with setup and cleanup.


Assist with bigger team exhibits such as artwork obtaining, jury handling and notification, and return of work to artists. Other duties might add participating in set up, serving, greeting, ticket taking and hospitality for unique occasions over summer and winter. If you are incapable of volunteer on a consistent weekly basis, maybe helping with a special event is even more for your needs.

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