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Firefighting Resources

Pioneer Peak Interagency Hotshot Crew Logo.jpgSeasonal staff members will be the backbone of Alaska’s fire suppression system, allowing the Division of Forestry to expand in quantity throughout the fire period whenever problems and fire activity warrant. The men and women whom comprise the workforce are trained, in good physical shape, and efficient throughout conditions as well as on all surface. Seasoned firefighters have a comprehensive understanding of fire behavior, suppression businesses, remote logistics, and event administration. When not needed in Alaska, individuals and teams may possibly provide support into national and intercontinental firefighting neighborhood.

Job opportunities

The Division of Forestry articles work openings for crews and location technicians at in December, January and February. Crew opportunities are published as Wildland Fire & Resource Technician I, II and III.

Pioneer Peak Interagency Hotshot Crew

The Pioneer Peak Hotshots tend to be certainly one of three elite hotshot crews in Alaska and something in excess of 100 interagency hotshot teams in america. The Pioneer Peak IHC is dependent in Palmer, Alaska, about 35 kilometers north of Anchorage. Available completely more about the Pioneer Peak Interagency Hotshot Crew and feasible work openings at their site: or by sending a contact.

Gannett Glacier Type 2 Preliminary Attack Crew

The Gannett Glacier kind 2 preliminary combat Crew is situated on the same campus that houses the Pioneer Peak Interagency Hotshot Crew in Palmer. Available down more info on the Gannett Glacier Fire Crew and possible job open positions at their site: or by delivering a message .

White Mountain Attack Crew Logo.jpg

White Hill Type 2 Preliminary Combat Crew

The White hill Type 2 Initial Attack Crew ended up being established in 2009 and it is based at the Alaska Division of Forestry compound in Fairbanks. Available down more info on the White hill Fire Crew and feasible job openings by phoning 907-451-2634 or by sending a message.

Type 2 EFF Crews

The Alaska Division of Forestry sponsors 17 Type 2 disaster Firefighting Crews distribute over the condition. During durations of high fire risk and/or task, the Alaska Division of Forestry supplements its staff amounts through disaster Firefighter (EFF) system. Emergency and initial attack firefighters are hired on an as-needed, temporary foundation, and employed to augment the permanent staff. The program provides short-term work and knowledge to people ready to be accessible "on-call" whilst need is present. The Division of Forestry conducts training each spring for EFF crews. Emergency firefighters should be at the least 18 years, have successfully finished preliminary and recurrent firefighter training, and an annual health and fitness test, ahead of work. You can find DOF-sponsored EFF teams into the following Alaska communities: Chevak (2); Copper River; Delta; Fairbanks (2); Hooper Bay (2); Lower Kalskag; Upper Kalskag; Mat-Su; Nikolai; Nondalton (2); Scammon Bay; and Upper Tanana (2). If you should be interested in work as an urgent situation firefighter, contact the nearest Alaska Division of Forestry Area/Dispatch office given just below:

  • Delta Junction: 895-4225
  • Fairbanks: 451-2635 or 451-2651
  • Kenai-Kodiak (Soldotna): 260-4200
  • Mat-Su (Palmer): 761- 6300
  • Southwest (McGrath): 524-3010
  • Tok: 883-1400
  • Valdez/Copper River (Glennallen): 822-5534

Alaska Incident Management Team Logo.pngSupport Positions

Besides firefighters, the Division of Forestry employs temporary non-firefighter positions to guide suppression activities when DOF is faced with a higher wildland fire workload. These roles include, but they are not limited to:

  • Dispatchers
  • Drivers
  • Expediters
  • Warehouse employees
  • Clerical

If you are contemplating this sort of work, contact the Alaska State job Service (Job provider) workplace within community. Each DOF office works closely with the State job provider if and when they have actually everyday labor requirements. You might also submit a crisis Firefighter (EFF) Application become on file at your nearest DOF workplace for use in extreme emergency situations.

Interagency Sources

The Division stocks sources and relies on sources within the Alaska interagency firefighting community. Through cooperative agreements with numerous national agencies like the Bureau of Indian matters, BLM-Alaska Fire provider, nationwide Park provider, U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife provider, personnel, aircraft, along with other equipment tend to be provided between the agencies. The Division and its interagency Alaska cooperators every so often in addition count on firefighting help from nationwide firefighting neighborhood, and Canada, through Northwest lightweight.

Alaska Incident Control Teams

Alaska is home to multiple Incident control groups, including the Alaska kind 1 IMT. The Alaska Type 1 IMT not merely provides help to Alaska, additionally is part of a national rotation for response to all-hazard situations. You can find 16 nationwide "kind 1" Incident Management groups (IMT’s) designed for assignment to handle large-scale, complex situations any place in the usa. These incidents typically include huge wildfires, but kind 1 teams can be assigned to your complex all-risk circumstance which may feature hurricanes, floods also catastrophes. A number of Type 1 teams, like the Alaska kind 1 IMT, had been assigned to help FEMA following the September 11th attack, the shuttle data recovery effort and Hurricane Katrina. Comprising more or less 50 expense employees, Alaska Incident control Team members have expertise in finance, logistics, businesses, information, security, and planning, as they are attracted from many neighborhood, state, and federal companies throughout Alaska and Lower 48 states. The Alaska Team is invested in carrying out functions in a secure and value effective fashion while keeping a full world of respect for several people assigned to or affected by the event.

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