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Firefighting qualifications

If you do not have a Qualifications card (purple Card), there are numerous steps to endure:

  • Discuss your curiosity about fire with your instant supervisor to get authorization to pursue it as well as other requirements and go on incidents (many situations tend to be during the summertime whenever visitor traffic to parks is at its peak).
  • Speak with, or get manager speak with, the Fire control Officer (FMO) at your park regarding the interest. Should your playground is tiny, it may not have a full-time FMO. There usually is a collateral-duty FMO to talk to, along with your Regional Fire Management Officer. See just what trainings are essential locally of interest; some might web-based self-study courses that may be finished at your house . unit. The Wildland and Prescribed Fire degree Guide (310-1) is the main origin for the requirements for different roles.
  • Assist your local Incident Qualifications and Certification System (IQCS) account supervisor to be sure your training and skills information is up-to-date and accurate to enable them to print you a qualification card (Red Card).

Work Capacity Test

The task capability Test found in the nationwide Park Service could be the Pack Test. Its accustomed be considered individuals for the three degrees of wildland firefighting task: Arduous, Moderate, and Light.

The Pack Test steps:

  • Aerobic ability
  • Muscular Energy
  • Muscular Endurance

All wildland firefighting workers must fulfill minimal amounts of fitness needs for the style of tasks these are typically assigned:

Hard Pack Test

Involves fieldwork phoning for above-average endurance and exceptional fitness. All firefighters must do arduous duty. 3-mile hike, 45-pound pack, 45 moments

Moderate Field Test

Involves field-work calling for full control over actual faculties and might include substantial walking, standing, and raising 25-50 lbs. Protection officers and fire behavior experts tend to be examples of reasonable duty opportunities. 2-mile hike, 25-pound pack, half an hour

Light Go Test

Involves mainly office-type make use of occasional area activity. Examples include: staging location and helibase supervisors. 1-mile hike, No fat, 16 mins


Taskbooks have competencies, actions and tasks that needs to be finished before getting qualified when you look at the place for which a specific taskbook is issued. To learn more about the entire process of obtaining and completing a taskbook consult your manager or visit the NWCG Publication Management program website to receive the taskbook for place where you have an interest.

Incident Control Team Participation

There are 2 forms of Incident Management groups (IMTs): Type 1 and Type 2 used to manage huge situations. Some areas have actually Type 3 IMT's to manage smaller situations that increase for several functional durations.

The teams contains users from national, condition, county and local agencies. Many teams have trainee positions for individuals that have maybe not yet met all of the education needs for their place.

Typically, kind 1 National Teams handle many complex fires. Type 2 groups generally manage less complex wildland fires. Both kind 1 and Type 2 groups tend to be handled on a rotational basis through nine Geographical Areas. Even though the National Type 1 groups are on rotation throughout every season, kind 2 teams are only triggered through the fire period.

The Geographic Areas (GA) advertises vacancies on teams inside their area and selects brand-new associates from nominations received. Vacancies are generally established through companies in the GA, some Geographic region Coordination facilities (GACC's) have placed recruitment info on their sites. In addition to the core IMTs, many subordinate opportunities have to handle an event. Dispatch centers will search the site Ordering and Status System (ROSS) for readily available people to fill orders placed by the Incident Management Team. These are Incident Command program jobs identified when you look at the Wildland and recommended Fire degree Guide (310-1) or Specialized professionals.

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