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Interagency Hotshot Crews (IHC) are diverse groups of career and short-term company workers whom uphold a tradition of superiority while having solid reputations as multi-skilled expert firefighters. Ninety teams are for sale to the 2001 fire season, employed by the usa woodland Service, Bureau of Land control, National Park provider, numerous Native American tribes, together with states of Alaska and Utah. Their particular health and fitness criteria, education requirements, operation procedures tend to be constant all over the country, as outlined within the guidelines for Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations. Their core values of "duty, stability, and value" have earned Hotshot crews a great reputation through the US and Canada as elite teams of expert wildland firefighters.

Hotshot Crews were only available in Southern California into the belated 1940s on the Cleveland and Angeles nationwide Forests. Title was in mention of the being within the hottest part of fires. Their particular niche is wildfire suppression, but they are occasionally assigned various other tasks, including search and relief and catastrophe response support. Hotshots not busy battling fire will work to satisfy resource targets to their house devices through thinning, prescribed fire execution, habitat enhancement or trail construction projects.

The twenty-member Hotshot crews tend to be known as Type 1 Crews, but are truly Type 1 Crews-PLUS given that they go beyond the feeling, education and conditioning necessary for a sort 1 Crew. They could be sent any place in america, and also visited Mexico and Canada, to fight wildland fires. They could properly and effectively use all fire resources including Pulaskis, chain saws, fusees, pumps, and motors, and comprehend and exercise safe helicopter operations.

The Hotshot system in addition stresses each individual's duty and straight to a secure work place, precisely distinguishing crucial security problems and showing proper reactions to hazardous conditions. This can include instruction on risk management, firefighter safety, fire behavior, communications, task danger evaluation, fire housing deployment, and area exercises various fire suppression techniques.

Hotshots must also be involved in health and fitness and training programs and pass the task capability Test in the Arduous amount. The Arduous degree fitness test requires the specific individual to do a three-mile hike with a 45 lb pack in 45 mins.

Specific team structure is, somewhat, considering regional needs making use of the next standard jobs. A normal staff would add one Superintendent (GS-9), two Assistant Superintendents (GS-8), two Squad or Module management (GS-6), and 15 Skilled Firefighters (GS-5) and Crew Members (GS-4). Skills per place are outlined in the Interagency Hotshot Operations Guide.

All crews require that personnel be available 24-hours per day, 7 days a week during the fire season, which typically last six months. Fire assignments may require IHC members to be away from home for several weeks at a time. The teams travel, mostly in West, by vehicle, van or jet. To make the journey to the more remote fire sites, crews either hike or tend to be flown in by helicopter. Crew people pack all of the water and supplies...

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