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Portland Fire & Rescue’s Recruit Academy is a nationwide recognized system. The Recruit Academy includes extensive class training and high-level training in the most recent firefighting strategies and gear usage.

The Journey to Becoming a Portland Firefighter
Firefighter Trainee and Recruits prospects will attend a 6-month Academy to build up the skill sets necessary to move on to more advanced training while finishing their probationary procedure. The curriculum includes fireground hydraulics and push theory, complex hose evolutions and ladder increases, and a more detailed comprehension and application of fireground tools and equipment, like the self-contained breathing apparatus.

If Firefighter Recruits successfully complete the academy, they'll certainly be transferred to Station 2, a functional fire section. At Station 2, Recruits will find out bureau crisis Medical Service protocols, practice challenging scenario based evolutions, and get available to react on disaster telephone calls. Underneath the guidance of education officials and firefighter professionals, the Recruits will invest 8 weeks education on an engine company, then 90 days with a truck organization.

After finishing six months of training at Station 2, effective Recruits will likely then be utilized in stations round the City of Portland in which they accomplish the final percentage of their particular probationary period.

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