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FFA Fire

FIRE Conference Details:
The Wyoming FFA FIRE summit is aimed toward freshman and sophomore FFA users.

This meeting provides the after goals:

  • Realize that interests pave our course but virtues directs it.
  • Determine virtues and explore utilizing these.
  • Distinguish just how decision-making abilities chart the map of a virtuous life.
  • Evaluate the culmination of passions, virtues and decision making abilities to define our character.
  • Connect SMART goals to your choices.
  • Make a personal growth plan

The Wyoming FFA CPC seminar is geared toward part officials. Each section should intend to send two officers to take part in the delegate process, management workshops, and education using condition officials.

CPC Meeting Details:
The Wyoming FFA CPC summit is geared toward part officials. Each part should plan to deliver 2-3 officials to take part in the delegate procedure, leadership workshops, and instruction with the condition officers.

  • Chapter users will network and share some ideas with other people
  • Leadership Training
  • Will read about your decision making procedure through Wyoming FFA
  • Will practice the delegate process

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