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Council Fires

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Typically, there have been seven major divisions — "council fires" — of Dakota, each with a definite but comparable tradition., The Spirit Lake folks (Mdewakanton);, The Shooters on the list of Leaves folks (Wahpekute); Waĥpetoŋwaŋ, the individuals home one of the Leaves (Wahpeton); and, People of the Fish Village(s) (Sisseton), tend to be described as the Santee or Eastern Dakota., Dwellers at the End (Yankton); and, minimal Dwellers by the end (Yanktonai), are named the Western Dakota or frequently because the Nakota; and the Tituŋwaŋ, Dwellers in the Plains (Teton) are called Lakota. The historic alliance of those divisions has been known variously eventually whilst the Sioux, the fantastic Sioux country, or, the Seven Council Fires. These days Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota tribal governing bodies and communities are observed in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana in the us, and Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada.

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