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Volunteer Fire Department Bylaws

  1. As professional volunteer divisions age, so do the bylaws or guidelines they run on. A good collection of bylaws can guide your division in to the future while bad people can doom it. Switching your bylaws can be a daunting task, nevertheless they should always be updated on a regular basis and, once in a little while, completely overhauled. One of our readers provides it because of this:

    "Our small division only celebrated our 50-year anniversary. Unfortunately, our bylaws are about as old. My question is, how will you start revising bylaws when the entire document has to be changed? Our range officers have to be changed, the inclusion of junior and females auxiliary bylaws, we a unique section, we must add administrative jobs eg president ... ( the principle manages everything), and so on. Fundamentally, just how do we go about "re-writing" the bylaws? Can we simply change the old people with brand new, or is there is modified from old?" – Anonymous

    1st question of "how" is dependent upon the division. Most bylaws have a requirement for any changes become published and voted on by two-thirds or three-quarters for the division, in addition to most useful bet is to find "buy in" before any procedure is begun. As in the above situation, it seems that a perceived significance of modification is important before any bylaw revision will likely be acknowledged. When there is not a perceived requirement for change, even the most useful bylaws are voted down.

    The 2nd action should figure out what change is needed. It is an enjoyable experience for a brainstorming session because of the membership in general. You might either proceed through it section by section, or ask the typical concern: If you could alter any part of the bylaws, just what wouldn't it be, how would you get it done, and just why? Emphasis should be added to creating tips and prospective solutions however on "getting it appropriate." Identifying something most useful needs time and effort, which has to be explained.

    At this time, it is essential to comprehend your division, its people and their thought process. Every department have users in opposition to any change, especially those that think that practices must always rule. started utilizing the slogan, "a century of custom, unimpeded by development" and this goes doubly for some bylaws and also the users keeping them. It may take good dose of truth which will make people recognize that just because one thing worked in 1940s doesn't mean it works now. The process is to hold onto your division's core, and core opinions, but bring your users into the 21st century and become an expert volunteer division.

    Together with your brainstorming as well as your very own comprehension of your division, you'll then be able to determine if your bylaws require an entire modification or perhaps some tweaking. Whilst it might seem like a daunting task to completely rewrite them, often you might be better off getting a new begin. Even though you do need a complete rewrite, you don't have to go it alone. ended up being initially launched from the notion of volunteers helping volunteers and then we have-been lucky that countless departments have submitted their particular bylaws or parts of all of them at . In addition to test bylaws, additionally, you will discover articles I typed on this topic. All we ask is once you finish your bylaw rewrite, kindly share it aided by the neighborhood at

    Concerning the author

    Jason Zigmont, PhD, NREMT-P, currently serves as the Manager/Educator for the SYN:APSE Simulation center at Yale New Haven Health System. He was the founder of, and has written considerablely about Bylaws, Fundraising, Grants, Recruitment and Retention, SOGs and Training. He has been a member of the East Berlin Fire Department for more than 10 years, most recently acting as Training Officer. He holds a BS in Public Safety Administration and earned his PhD in Adult Learning at the University of Connecticut. He can be contacted at

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