Welcome to Takoma Park

Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department


Takoma Park Center School, 7611 Piney Department Path

Display starts at dark - roughly 9:30 p.m.

(rainfall day - very first obvious night)


Puppies (with the exception of solution pets) are not permitted on evening fireworks show for health and safety factors. Extremely common for dogs, with regards to sensitive hearing, to do something unpredictably once the explosions start going down, and our responsibility insurance cannot cover accidents to men and women or pets that result from a panicked or scared puppy. Additionally, with so many people viewing from seating on the ground, pet waste is a health concern. Any person taking a non-service pet on fireworks is going to be asked to leave, by the police if necessary. Many thanks for comprehension.


Limited parking is available in the parking area associated with Takoma Park Middle School, and on nearby side roads. We encourage that come early so that you can park close by, also take pleasure in the entire evening program of music also shows that begin at 7:00 p.m.. There's no parking along Piney Branch Road in order to keep traffic moving. After the fireworks, police will undoubtedly be at all crucial intersections directing visitors to speed you on the way home.


Raffle tickets will undoubtedly be offered at the Committee stand and from Committee users and volunteers out in the group. This will be one way it is possible to assist united states pay money for the fireworks.


Public rest rooms will likely to be obtainable in the Takoma Park Middle School towards the top of the hill, in the entry to Lee Jordan Fld (handheld) and at the north perimeter of Lee Jordan Fld (portable).


For your safety, we utilize a fireworks supplier of long knowledge and excellent reputation, Bay Fireworks. Also, the pyrotechnician just who establishes of fireworks is tested and accredited by the State of Maryland. We've gotten the required license through the State Fire Marshal's company, and another of these fire marshals is usually available to ensure things are done precisely.

The site and arrangements have now been examined and approved by our neighborhood fire division and both county and state fire marshals. The City Public Functions Department has erected snowfall fence to limit usage of dangerous areas, therefore please stick to the safe side always.

Also, Takoma Park and Montgomery County Police officers is going to be available to make certain general public protection, direct traffic and stop unauthorized accessibility restricted places. Likewise, the Takoma Park Volunteer Fire division may be current with emergency gear and personnel in case there is fire or health emergencies.

In an emergency, notify any nearby police officer, firefighter or crisis health specialist, or call 911 on your own cellphone.

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