Dale City Volunteer Fire

Stonewall Jackson Volunteer Fire Department

Bowling Green Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 1
130 Courthouse Lane
P.O. Box 161
Bowling Green, Virginia 22427
(804) 633-6011
Offering the Town of Bowling Green and vicinity
Bowling Green Volunteer Save Squad, R1
132 Courthouse Lane
P.O. Package 621
Bowling Green, Virginia 22427
(804) 633-7373
Fax: 633-0503
Ladysmith Volunteer Fire Department, Co.2
17401 Jefferson Davis Highway
P.O. Container 53
Ladysmith, Virginia 22501
(804) 448-2777
Fax: 448-5147
Serving the western area of the County like the I-95 corridor
Ladysmith Volunteer Save Squad, R2
18287 Jefferson Davis Highway
P.O. Package 186
Ladysmith, Virginia 22501
(804) 448-2400
Fax: 448-3492
Port Royal Volunteer Fire Division, Co. 3
435 King Street
P.O. Package 119
Port-royal, Virginia 22535
(804) 742-5505
Serving Port Royal and also the eastern portions of this County
Sparta Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 4
23280 Sparta Road
Milford, Virginia 22514
(804) 633-5613

Offering the southeast portions of this County

Frog Amount Volunteer Fire Division, Co. 5
30240 Richmond Turnpike
P.O. Container 201
Hanover, Virginia 23069
(804) 994-2700
Offering the southwest portions of the County
Upper Caroline Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 6
12581 Stonewall Jackson Road
9344 Stonewall Jackson Path (Mailing Address)

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