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Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Department


The Silver Spring Fire division has several categories of membership. The groups tend to be here. Clicking on every one will give you a description of this category and just how to use.
Membership categories include:

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Approved applications for membership are voted on at month-to-month Departmental Membership Meeting. Those meetings take place regarding the first Monday of every month (unless it's any occasion) at Fire Station 16. People must certanly be in attendance on conference unless formerly excused because of the Chairperson associated with Membership Committee.


Upon acceptance into membership into the Firefighter/Rescuer, crisis Medical Services, Cadet and beginner Live-In groups new users are anticipated to accomplish required instruction courses. This needed training includes both division and County needed courses. Centered on membership group brand-new users must complete the immediate following:

EMT-Basic. This course is 165 hours long and training and Maryland certification on treatment and aid to patients struggling with health emergencies and injuries. This official certification may be the minimum required for employees to ride as a provider on an ambulance or as an assistant on a paramedic device. The course is normally taught in a number of designs to satisfy most member's work schedules. It often continues about six months.

Firefighter I/Iwe (firefighter/rescuer, cadet, student live-in) These programs, each lasting about 60 hours, supplies the needed education and Maryland certification on how best to answer fire relevant emergencies while operating on fire machines along with other relevant device. Each course is usually taught in 2 courses per week: one weekday night and a weekend time, enduring more or less 6 months.

CPR (all groups) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation training is offered to all or any people in the fire solution. It'll prepare you for managing clients who aren't breathing or do not have a heartbeat, customers who're choking, and exactly how to apply and run a computerized exterior Defibrillator (AED).

EEO in addition to Law (all groups) this will be an online class

Cultural Diversity (every categories) This is an internet class

Information Technology (Radios, Computer Aided Dispatch, etc.) (All groups) Some available on the internet with follow-up evaluating at the IT Training center.

Hazardous products functions for very first Responders (All categories) enduring more or less 30 hours this course provides training in the original actions firefighters should simply take when giving an answer to an event concerning dangerous materials. These situations might small or large in size and nature, but need equivalent way of approach in initial stages associated with event.

Personal defensive Equipment and Foam – PEAF (All categories) Twelve hours in length. This class makes students the using their particular safety clothing and self-contained respiration equipment and strategies and employ of Class the (ordinary combustibles) foam.

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