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Seymour Volunteer Fire Department

Station 1 (101 Ford Hill Lane, Sevier County, Seymour)

This station ended up being built by the volunteer firemen and a lot of of products were contributed. At first the bay area was completed which housed the vehicles along with a small office in the rear of the bay. Many years later on the firefighters added the meeting room with an office, kitchen, radio space as well as 2 restrooms. This center is among the most Headquarters when it comes to division. Our instruction materials, office environment and breathing environment compressor can be found within center. Small resting quarters happen included with accommodate on-call workers.

Station 2 (7915 Chapman Highway, Knox County, Knoxville)

This station was exposed in middle 1980’s. Initially, it absolutely was a rented facility your division had been using until property could possibly be discovered to create a station. Jesse M. Tarwater leased the house towards department and became buddies while using the firefighters. Whenever Mr. Tarwater passed away, their desires had been to truly have the department remain on this property. The estate of Mr. Tarwater marketed the house and structures toward department at one-half the appraised value.

Station 2 is aimed at the memory of Mr. Tarwater. The system house had been renovated with a TV area, resting quarters and restroom added. The second building on-site can be used for gear storage space. In 2013, the section ended up being renovated to include a workplace and updated living quarters.

Place 3 (1718 Dupont Road, Sevier County, Dupont)

Whenever people in the Dupont community wanted a fire place, they organized the Dupont Fire Hall Inc (DFHI). and start to boost money. The city was able to lease a bit of residential property from Sevier County for $1.00 per year and constructed a fire station. DFHI continues to utilize Seymour Volunteer Fire division, providing land and building area in exchange for manpower and sources. This year, DFHI built two bays onto the present station and renovated the living quarters. It remains their particular objective to 1 day become a stand-alone neighborhood fire division; but until they have been ready to step out by themselves, SVFD continues to provide and manage their fire service.

Station 4 (5572 Sevierville Path, Blount County, Seymour)

Facility 4 ended up being planned for many years before becoming built. In the beginning, SVFD’s response region was much bigger than currently drawn. With the need for a station in Blount County, fire apparatus operated out of a donated building while property for the permanent station could be purchased. During this time, the Fire division of Blount County (FDBC) purchased a building and began operating in identical basic area. Hawaii of Tennessee reviewed the areas associated with division and established a fresh boundary between your divisions. Once the boundary ended up being established, Seymour moved forward with the brand-new place.

During this period, a retired member’s family donated 1 acre of land for this place. This family members has-been a significant part of your community as well as 2 sons have-been members of the fire department. Facility 4 is aimed at the memory of Judy Dixon, spouse and mommy.

Section 5 (2470 Boyds Creek Highway, Sevier County, Sevierville)

When Sevier County setup sewer lines down Boyds Creek Highway, development accelerated with commercial and residential properties. To keep to supply exceptional fire-protection, the division started interested in a site for the next fire station. At the same time, Jim Clayton, owner of Clayton Cellphone houses, purchased 300 acres and started the building of a mobile home neighborhood. Along with his development generating the greatest fire load along Boyds Creek, SVFD approached him to give one acre the brand-new station. Mr. Clayton saw the necessity for fire-protection instantly right beside his planned development and leased property for department to build a station.

As development continues in this area, facility 5 was developed to accommodate much larger fire device and lots of education props are located on this web site including an SCBA maze, a ventilation simulator and a hose pipe stream instructor.

Facility 6 (2135 Kimberlin Heights, Knox County, Knoxville)

For more than twenty years, Johnson Bible university (JBC) had an on-site fire brigade. During the early 90’s, SVFD entered into an agreement with JBC to work a station on campus. Johnson Bible university built the building and Seymour Fire Department placed a fire apparatus on location. This relationship developed, grew and supplied exceptional protection both for SVFD and JBC. In 2012, JBC became Johnson University and one of the significant installments included a fire station. An incredible center with living area and storage space ended up being built in partnership with SVFD and University.

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