Richmond Volunteer Fire Department Roadrunners Engine 1, Richmond Town, New York City

Richmond Volunteer Fire Department

The Richmond Fire division is just one of the oldest chartered fire divisions in Michigan. Every user is focused on assist in saving lives and residential property, both residential and commercial. We offer the city and contracted townships the essential existing trained workers and equipment readily available.

The Richmond Fire Department is supervised because of the City Council. The principle is voted on because of the people in the division and appointed by City Council for a maximum term of 3 years. You will find 6 slated officers that oversee other functions of division. Each officer is directed because of the main and oversees all of the people in the department.

The volunteer members have to train throughout every season, which does not include the 120 hours of condition qualified fire training in order to become a typical member. The department conducts one business meeting, one instruction evening and 4 equipment checks each month. The certified education includes structural instruction, environment bags, pumps, drafting, ladders, motorists training, hazmat and decon, WMD disasters, CPR and MFR official certification, search and relief, and ropes. Through contributions, the division generally works one live burn per year.


1 Chief
2 Assistant Chiefs
1 Captain
2 Lieutenants
1 Secretary and Treasurer
25 Voting people
5 Active Reserves

The Richmond Fire division members tend to be committed firefighters whom pride on their own in helping the individuals of this city. The division averages more or less 350 fire operates per year. The common response time, from the time the users tend to be paged towards time a truck arrives onto the scene is 6.75 moments. This is the average for the entire 76 square mile coverage area.

The department at this time services the City of Richmond and portions of Casco Township, Columbus Township and Richmond Township. The current fire vehicles used within the service area tend to be: 2009 HME 1500 gallon each and every minute motor; 1992 Pierce 2500 gallon tanker; 2000 EVI heavy rescue/equipment; 1982 95 base aerial system; 2009 GMC Squad; and a 1965 4x4 lawn rig.

Community Programs

Fire Protection Week
This might be a week long program during October, which is made to instruct grownups and children in regards to the do’s and don’ts concerning fire protection, stop drop and roll, calling 911, and examining the smoke alarms inside their homes.

Open Home
Every other year, a departmental available house is performed during Fire Prevention Week. Through the open residence the general public can inquire in regards to the division features watching demonstrations of equipment used because of the department. You can view the Jaws of lifestyle in practice, take a fire vehicle trip, indulge in giveaways, and meet up with the members of the department.

Tours throughout every season get into the schools, Boy Scout soldiers and day-care courses. Call (586) 727-4000 to schedule a walk through regarding the division for the class or organization.

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