Ocean Pines (Worcester County)

Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department

Back April of 1973, a team of resigned people living in the Ocean Pines neighborhood joined together to create the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department utilizing a vintage white fire engine, useful for wetting down soil roadways in brand new improvements. During their first 12 months as a fire division, they taken care of immediately a complete of 12 requires service. Monetary assistance throughout the preliminary stage associated with fire department had been very poor and division operated on a very limited income, using rainfall coats and fishing shoes for gear. Most the fire department membership contains retirees such as chemical engineers, electric designers and federal government bureaucrats, with some construction workers, realtors and teachers. In 1977, the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department joined up with the Worcester County 911 system, and covered a total of 851 houses. Six many years later on, the division joined up with the Worcester County Volunteer Fireman's Association and covered roughly 3, 090 domiciles. In 1985, the division operated three pumpers and a rescue truck. Today, the department runs 2 course A pumpers, a rescue motor, a 104' tower ladder, a rescue boat, a computer program automobile, 2 demand vehicles and 2 state-of-the-art ALS prepared ambulances. The division at this time features about 50 members that answer calls for fire, relief or EMS requirements. The department supplements volunteer response with 11 employees consisting of 7 full time Firefighter/ Paramedics, 1 full-time Firefighter/ EMT-B, 1 in your free time Firefighter/ EMT-B, 1 part time Administrative Assistant and a profession Division Captain. Around 2010, the OPVFD taken care of immediately a complete of 1479 calls for solution, consisting of 1270 EMS phone calls and 209 Fire calls. Our company is continuing to develop and enjoy volunteers!

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