Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire Department

a public hearing prior to the basic conference associated with the city council received passionate feedback from residents. The problem for the community hearing was to enable residents the opportunity to inform the council how they felt about Ordinance 2014-4, [more]

Larry Hushour, Parks and Rec seat and city volunteer, has been in charge of the Rails to Trails project as well as for arranging to replace town’s Caboose C-2095, known as, "Mackenzie” called Mac for quick.

Mayor Pat Rockinberg came to the meeting for a few minutes and addressed the commission saying he thanks the users for volunteering when it comes to fee and reminded them of this upcoming volunteer occasion.

Since she and her husband arrived in Maryland in 1983 from Akron, Ohio where she was created and raised, Sue Veres happens to be volunteering at numerous neighborhood organizations and is today aimed at helping those who work in [more]

Mark Runkles, vice president of Mt. Airy Arts Alliance (MAAA), presided within the conference due to Terri King’s present deviation as president. He revealed that their particular non-profit status has been authorized by the IRS. He also shared [more]

Dick Swanson, fee seat, dived into the storm liquid management pond issue head first. There is some debate over who is accountable for maintaining the Wildwood storm water administration pond lately, and there's yet becoming a resolution [more]

As published Sept. 17, 2014

Excerpt from Sept. 10, 1954, Community Reporter:

Veterinarian Lifts 286 Steel Items From Cow's Belly

Fourteen days ago, "Babe, " the family milk cow from the farm of A.L. McLachlen, near Mt. Airy, had been feeling slow. The small 5-year-old Guernsey wouldn't eat. She became painfully [more]

The Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire business may be holding a Fire protection Open House on Sunday, Oct. 5 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on fire section, 702 N. principal Street. This occasion is in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week which [more]

Days End Farm Horse relief (DEFHR) encourages the public to their Fall Festival celebrating an important milestone – 25 several years of rescuing ponies and teaching folks. The festivities will start with a Friday night delighted time, Friday, Sept. 19, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., [more]

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