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Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department

Amendment No. 551 on Constitution of Alabama of 1901, is amended to read below:

The Legislature declares that volunteer fire departments, including volunteer fire departments that have crisis medical technicians which can be users, are organizations being general public in nature and offer to guard the health, safety, and welfare regarding the residents of Montgomery County.

As well as all ad valorem fees levied for fire-protection, the Montgomery County Commission may levy and gather an unique advertisement valorem tax, not to meet or exceed five mills in every 12 months on each dollar of assessed value of the property taxed, on property inside unincorporated area of Montgomery County for the intended purpose of providing fire-protection when you look at the unincorporated area of Montgomery County.

The taxation supplied inside act will be levied, collected, administered, and enforced simultaneously, in the same manner, and in exact same requirements and rules as state advertisement valorem fees. The officials collecting or assessing the taxation will probably be entitled to the exact same fees and payment because are offered for obtaining and assessing advertising valorem taxes. The proceeds of income tax will be paid to the county basic investment. Within 30 days after repayment in to the county basic fund, the Montgomery County Commission shall pay the funds to your Montgomery County Association of Volunteer Firefighters, hereafter called the county connection. The county association shall circulate the funds below:

(1) 60 percent will probably be split similarly among all eligible volunteer fire departments.

(2) 30 percent will be divided based on a portion in relation to the monies gathered in a fire district when compared to total monies built-up. The county relationship shall notify the Revenue Commissioner within 1 month next work becomes operative of designated fire areas. The boundaries regarding the fire districts could be rearranged during the discretion of the county association as they consider needed, every so often, to increase fire-protection services in the county.

(3) 10 % for the money will be designated as discretionary fund for the county connection to be used regarding expenditure usually allowable under this work.

To be an eligible volunteer fire department for purposes of this act, a volunteer fire department will be in great standing with the Montgomery County Association of Volunteer Firefighters.

Funds disbursed to eligible volunteer fire departments pursuant to this work shall be expended just for fire protection and crisis medical solutions, including not limited by, education, products, buildings, money improvements, equipment, insurance, professional services, and dues. The funds shall never be expended for meals, beverage, social activities, or fund-raising activities. After obtaining the funds, the volunteer fire departments shall keep precise files to verify that the funds tend to be correctly expended. By September fifteenth of each year, the division shall register a study using county relationship detailing the spending of resources through the earlier a year and setting out a schedule of most recommended tasks. The filing shall take into account all unspent resources and whether unspent resources happen obligated. Unspent funds which have not already been obligated which surpass the quantity of total receipts paid towards division for previous 12 months with this income tax will be returned to the county association for redistribution similarly one of the various other fire divisions. The county association shall provide you with the bookkeeping forms to every eligible volunteer fire department. The content associated with year-end report shall be recorded with the county payment and will probably be audited because of the Examiners of Public Accounts associated with the state on the same foundation as county funds are audited.

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