Accident and fire

Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department

within age of computers and smart phones, Leonardtown VFD makes use of Bing Maps to speed our reaction to your location. Through a smartphone software called Active911, crisis calls can be found in our fire device on an iPad once the alarm is dispatched. This system in addition provides us mapping associated with the closest fire hydrant or drafting liquid resource in case it is required. The crisis calls also appear on the firefighters and Command Staff’s smartphones, tablets, or computers and get informative data on the nature of emergency and turn by change instructions from their current location to your house or business.

It's important you check that Bing Maps shows your target correctly!

Although Google Maps is mostly precise, the map is actually at the least a little off.

Google has recently introduced a new mapping update that doesn't are the power to easily go your target pin, so you’ll need certainly to make use of the classic form of Bing Maps. To take action, go through the question mark when you look at the bottom correct spot of google maps, and then click on “Return to classic Google Maps” within the popup. You’ll get another popup where you can examine “Missing Features” and again visit “Return to classic Bing Maps”. You can now follow the guidelines under. Hopefully Google will fix the capability to correct address markers inside brand new maps soon.

To Test your address, go to and enter your property address such as for instance: ‘1234 Anywhere Street, Leonardtown, MD 20650’. In the event your residence or company target is merely from the named road or there is certainly one building regarding driveway, the chart marker should appear where your driveway intersects the called roadway. If you have a lengthy driveway off the known as road and you will find several homes or company details on the same unnamed driveway, the marker should appear in which your driveway ends at your target place. Within situation, the driveway should really be added to Bing maps – see ‘mapmaker’ below.

To move a wrong marker, left click on the marker and select ‘More’ inside popup box after that click ‘Move Marker’. After that you can use your mouse to pull the marker to in which it ought to be by holding down the left mouse switch, after that visit ‘Save’ at the top correct spot for the map show.

It will take a while, times to months, for the modifications appearing on Bing Maps

If roadway within 911 address does not show up on Google Maps or if you have actually a long driveway with multiple 911 details, the road or driveway should be included with Google Maps using mapmaker. Leonardtown VFD will help you with incorporating a road or driveway or if you have dilemmas going your chart marker. For help, e-mail your target and telephone number where you could be achieved to

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