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Leesburg Volunteer Fire Department

1803 – The First Fire Company in Loudoun County Va.

On Nov. 13 the residents of Leesburg formed the very first fire business in Loudoun County and just the 7th into the Commonwealth of Virginia. The petition associated with residents had been registered to the County Deed Book making formal. It read:

“We the clients Residents into the Town of Leesburg do recognize (in accordance with Act of Assembly) to create ourselves into a fire business”

There have been 48 users in the first company. At the moment, Leesburg just had about 500 residents and wasn't yet an incorporated town. The United States of America was only 27 yrs . old. Thomas Jefferson was in the next 12 months of his very first term in addition to Louisiana Purchase had been completed. Notice the use of the old spelling for Leesburg.

1809 – A Relief Fire Company

On July 29th, a Relief Fire business was incorporated with 83 users. This Relief business had been the 2nd Fire Company formed in Leesburg and would have provided additional males to aid the first fire organization at-large fires.

1813 – The Town of Leesburg becomes included

The Leesburg Fire Business

The fire business associated with the city of Leesburg (perhaps not the Relief Company) reorganized and became the Leesburg Fire Company on January 30th, 1819 with 79 users. The first document reads:

“enroll ourselves as people a Fire business in name of the Leesburg Fire Company and pledge ourselves to by governed by the constitution and bye legislation for the old Leesburg Fire Company”

1819 – Town Law for Firefighting

On Feb. 6th, the Town of Leesburg enacted here ordinance:

“An Act when it comes to Better national of people on times of Fire alongside functions”

Part 1 – All individuals owning houses within the city had been bought to:

  • Have one fire bucket for every tale of each dwelling home or store home
  • Each bucket was to be manufactured become much like the buckets employed by the Leesburg Fire business
  • Each Bucket needed seriously to possess initials of the owner’s name
  • Each Bucket must be kept fit for usage as well as in some convenient place in these types of house
  • In case there is fire it absolutely was the job associated with the male people of town to report to the scene using fire buckets and to aid in the extinguishment while being susceptible to purchases for the Captain of every fire company organized in the city

Part 2 – The buckets must be procured by because of the first of might, 1819

  • Anyone who performedn’t, paid a superb of 1 buck for every bucket not acquired and fifty dollars for every ten times thereafter
  • Anybody who did not have them in restoration and fit for used in some convenient destination had been fined fifty dollars
  • Every person in the city at the same time of fire whom declined to aid in the extinguishment, or didn't obey the instructions of Captain regarding the Fire business paid a fine for around one dollar and fifty cents and never above three buck

1821 – The Leesburg Friendship Fire Company

The Leesburg Fire business became the Leesburg Friendship Fire business on June 11th. Their 43 people in initial company. The Relief Company always been in-service.

1822 – a legislation for the Safe Keeping of Ladders and Fire Hooks within the Town of Leesburg

The Town of Leesburg enacted this regulation on April 10th, which essentially said that anybody who takes a ladder or a fire hook from storage space except when it comes to fire or the security of fire, shall spend a superb of just one buck.

1823 – Leesburg Law for the Use of Public Water

“A Law Concerning Pumps and Hydrants”

Part 1 – It will be unlawful for person:

  • To leave open any hydrants or let the water flow needlessly, or in waste
  • To make use of from some of the cisterns except in the event of fire or even for the objective of exercising the fire machines
  • To-break down any covers toward cisterns
  • For every single offence the fine will undoubtedly be for around two nor over ten dollars at discretion of Town Council

It really is interesting to note that in area 1 it states “except in the event of fire or even for the goal of working out the fire machines” . At the time this legislation was enacted, the fire businesses of Leesburg operated at the very least 2 hand attracted, hand pumped fire motors. This is basically the earliest guide found that indicated the fire business used fire motors rather than depending solely on container brigades. Minimal else is known towards real equipment used in town during this period.

1826 – Friendship Fire Business Name Change

The Friendship Fire Company had been reorganized on Jan. 7th, and a listing of the 56 members of the “Leesburg Friendship Fire Company” ended up being recorded inside county deed book. These year on Oct. 20th, 1827 the company changed its title into “Friendship Fire Company of Leesburg”. 49 users are recorded into the county deed book

1830 – initial Fire facility in Loudoun County

Building for the first fire place in Loudoun County was authorized on April 30th, if the County Supervisors provided authorization to

“the Fire businesses of this Town of Leesburg to make a shed from the south side associated with Market House the defense for the ladders and fire hooks owned by said businesses”

The marketplace House ended up being situated on the west region of the court house green dealing with King St. It had been utilized for various features for the citizens of Leesburg. According to this purchase, the �fire shed� would have been along King St. probably across from where Lightfoot is these days.

1832 – conferences into the Courthouse

Two years down the road November 16th, the County of Loudoun once more offered assist with the Fire Companies because of the after purchase:

“that both fire businesses of this Town of Leesburg have liberty hereafter to put on their particular annual meetings when you look at the courthouse”

(Note that once again there is certainly reference to several Fire Company in Leesburg)

1836 – Town Law for offering Firecrackers

On December 23rd – the city of Leesburg enacts the following regulation:

“An Act to stop the purchase of Fire Crackers in the Town of Leesburg”

This legislation stops the sale of fire crackers to “boys along with other thoughtless persons” to reduce the “exposure into great risk of fire”. It deems all of them a nuisance and prescribes charges for violations.

1851 – The Union Fire Company

The Friendship Fire business had been reorganized on February 11th, and the Union Fire business fire company was made.

From Union to United

Whilst the Civil War drew closer additionally the Town begun to align aided by the Confederacy, the Union Fire business became referred to as United Fire Company. The very first reference to the United ended up being a couple weeks later on within the council mins.

1859 – Tub Request

September fifth, 1st mention of United Fire business ended up being found in this demand by the town council, bought that:

“Water Functions Committee be authorized having a Tub made from adequate measurements when it comes to utilization of the United Fire Company to be used inside absence of a cistern. Said Tub becoming put upon wheels”

It will be possible that this is a request for a new “Hand Tub” fire engine or simply a large bathtub on tires to transport liquid from a remote cistern towards fire-engine. This might have relocated much more water faster than a bucket brigade and more than much longer distances.

1860 – an Engine and Hose Cart

Listed here entry in Council Minutes in February, could be the very first indicator that fire organizations had a hose cart also motors. Moreover it shows that we now have had both the engine and cart for enough time to become needing fix.

“On movement from G R Head was authorized to put in total restoration the United Engine and Hose”

1861 – The Virginia Fire Business

On March 16th, the fire businesses had been once more reorganized additionally the “Virginia Fire business” had been recorded into the County Deed Books.

“Virginia Fire Company organized inside Town of Leesburg Virginia. People who do perhaps not fit in with Volunteer Businesses (13 users) and Members just who belong to Volunteer Organizations ( 9 users)”

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