Fall 2010

Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department

Chief Batts

Mission Report

The mission of City of Lebanon Fire Department would be to improve the total well being of most those we offer. We shall respond safely and rapidly with skilled, skilled, and compassionate users, and utilizing the best offered equipment, counteract or reverse any situation of those in need. We'll carry on aggressive preparation and response planning, and can attempt to stop the importance of our disaster services through knowledge and community connection. Our solutions shall be delivered by a passionate group of members focused on exceeding the requirements and objectives of the we provide.

Message from Chief

Once the Fire Chief, I have the honor to utilize a dedicated selection of professional firefighters who are invested in providing the fire and life safety requirements of our community.

Our #1 objective in the Lebanon Fire division will be supply high quality and professional solution to the community in respect to conserving and protecting resides and property through our EMS and firefighting efforts along with providing exemplary solutions in research, fire avoidance, and fire code enforcement. Our key asset is our devoted band of committed and experienced individuals who compensate our department.

We offer more than just answering emergencies. We have a highly skilled Juvenile Fire Setters program which offers counseling to difficult youth and recommendation to programs that can work for them. Visits to schools, time cares also programs are produced accessible to the general public to coach our childhood, teenagers and grownups of all centuries. These programs are incredibly essential as statistics reveal that average person calls 911 only one time in their lifetime therefore these preliminary contacts with your Firefighters has a positive life time impact. We hope you are going to join our "team" by training yourself and your family members becoming as fire protection mindful as you can.

Finally, I wish to thank every member of our neighborhood for continued spirit of support and collaboration in matters of fire and life protection. Be safe!!

Charles E. Batts, Chief

ISO - 4/9

Teams are going to be going around various schools, day cares and churches for Fire Prevention Month. We're going to educate the youngsters burning security, exit exercises, smoke alarms and our equipment. Sometimes kids would be afraid when we have got all of our turnout equipment on, so we you will need to relax their particular nerves so that they arrived at united states in the place of from us inside a home. We then allow them to tour the trucks and distribute color books, helmets, etc..

We are conducting a multi-agency advanced RIT training presently. Sept 27, 28, 29 Lebanon, Center Township, Zionsville and Whitestown Fire are typical delivering teams to perform rescue of a downed firefighter in a sizable framework during the night. This is a rather intense, literally exhausting education that requires teamwork.

October can be Cancer Awareness thirty days so we will undoubtedly be using our red tops, LFD still has some on sale.

It is also time and energy to make sure you check the electric batteries inside smoke detectors!! One on each flooring and by bed rooms.

We shall also be hosting a Live Burn education at same place with similar agencies Oct. 5, 6, 7.

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