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  • Have you ever heard a siren or seen a fire engine – and wondered what was taking place?
  • Perhaps you have witnessed or come upon an auto accident – and wanted you could help?
  • Have you been here an individual was stricken with unexpected illness – and desired to help?
  • Are you looking for brand-new lifelong friendships, challenges and benefits?
  • Do you wish to become involved within community?
  • Are you searching to augment your your retirement?
HVFD Members undertake the City of Hyattsville Police every year into the Heroes Bowl

The fire and EMS solution is one of the most diverse and difficult vocations today. It's this variety that appeals to many men and women to join our ranks.

Differing people volunteer for various reasons. Action oriented people enjoy the pleasure and adrenaline dash that emergency services has to offer. Some start to see the volunteer fire solution as an option to ‘driving a desk by-day’ – by permitting them to ‘drive a fire vehicle at night!’

Numerous just like the experience they have once they help people in their period of need many feel it's their particular responsibility to serve town. Yet others simply want to participate in the group. Whatever motivates you to definitely volunteer – everybody gains the self-satisfaction of being at their utmost whenever other people tend to be dealing with what's the worst that life is offering.

Imagine having to prepare yourself to deal with circumstances that range between structure fires to childbearing to hazardous chemical spills to heart attacks to virtually any imaginable disaster in-between. This diversity is along with the fact these skills may be needed whenever you want of time or night, 7 days a week, in almost any variety of weather condition, and extremely usually under potentially stressful and mental conditions. Yet these exact same facets subscribe to our occupation becoming therefore physically fulfilling.

We understand that firefighting & EMS isn't for everyone, but we think that volunteering may be. There is certainly an abundance of strive to be done on or behind the scene – including working the company associated with HVFD.

The personal incentives and satisfaction obtained from that which we do is normally beyond description. You have the sense of success whenever you control a building fire, pleasure and elation whenever a kid is born, compassion for accident victims, and fulfillment from training fire protection.

The conclusion within our business is measured by the reduced life, discomfort and suffering, additionally the home harm we have avoided and reduced.

Volunteering in emergency solutions the most essential choices you can create. We hope that you provide this choice enough time and severe consideration it deserves, and choose join our ranks.

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