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Excerpts from “Friendswood, money of Friendly Folks”, Baker, Joycina Day. 1st Edition, 1994

1950-1960 The Discovery of Friendswood

“A developing neighborhood like Friendswood was at need of fire-protection, and newcomers gladly joined up with the area guys once they recommended a necessity to prepare a Volunteer Fire division in 1951. Before that, the farmers held their particular stress fig sprayers filled with water and responded to fires doing what they could. They might manage grass fires, but houses were too-big work the fig sprayers. Dale Brown, Floyd Brown, Jr., and Aubrey Cole signed the reports for incorporation associated with the Friendswood Volunteer Fire division, and it was duly taped using the Office for the Secretary of State April 3, 1951. Volunteers came across regarding the very first and 3rd Tuesdays of each and every month to carry out business and to practice firefighting. Cecil Brown, Sr. was instrumental in getting a Chevrolet truck from Pearson Chevrolet in Alvin, Texas, which the males altered with the addition of tanks and a pump to convert it to a fire-fighter. They constructed a building towards measurements of a two-stall garage (at 109 E. Willowick) to house Friendswood’s very first fire truck, as well as the siren had been sounded by a switch activated because of the phones in the business/residences of Jimmy Albritton and Pete Workman.”

One Friendswood citizen …”vividly recalls watching the business-men and other males just who been locally respond to the fire siren by getting the fire vehicle from garage, pulling up to the Snack Shoppe (place of Willowick and Friendswood Dr.) and awaiting anyone to emerge to provide them the positioning of this fire.”

“Thanks to that particular very first Volunteer Fire Department, the city gets the arena playground, originally called City Park.” The taxation assessor/collector for the college region today, “informed the VFD (the only incorporated community business) of the availability of a tract of land for back fees and suggested the VFD obtain it for a community park. They did that on July 27, 1954. (its located involving the 100 block of Briar Meadow and Coward’s Creek.) After the acquisition of home, the Fourth-of-July celebrations were held at the playground, sponsored by the VFD as investment raisers. The volunteer firemen were in charge of the big event until 1959.

1960-1970, The Birth of this City

“The Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department, that has been chartered and integrated in 1951, was still running with one donated fire truck. The need for even more security when it comes to bigger population ended up being acquiesced by Councilman Ralph Lowe in 1965, and he had been able and happy to borrow the income for a fresh International firefighting vehicle. Lowe signed your own note for $19, 000 at Alvin State Bank, that your town paid by 1969. A Beneficial part of that financial obligation had been retired because of the $1 each month donation paid using residents liquid expenses over those four years.”

“There were distinctions of opinion, too, on the list of old and new-fire fighters. Old-timers, who'd always battled pasture and lawn fires with backfires and controlled burning, remember the scorching rebukes they obtained from women who joined the VFD within the 1960’s. The women were convinced the fire department’s goal was to extinguish the fire, maybe not set another.”

“In 1969, the town assured repayment for an extra fire vehicle, and provided security equipment which allowed each individual member of the VFD becoming added to alert during the time the fire call had been placed. The VFD was prepared to go into the 1970’s able to handle any scenario very likely to take place in Friendswood.”

1970-1980 The Adolescence of the City

In 1973 the voters offered their endorsement to two bond problems among that has been for a proposal to invest $100, 000 for a new fire section.

“The Volunteer Fire Department rejoiced throughout the note because they was indeed cramped for space for a while inside their stalls at City Hall, and had appealed toward voters for assistance. After the voters Okayed the money, it took two years to have a site authorized, plans drawn, plus the brand-new building built at 1000 S. Friendswood Drive. The new fire section was devoted Saturday, April 19, 1975, with condition, county and local officials on hand for the special event which lasted from 10:00 am to past midnight.”

“The roomy center featured a large conference room, library and seminar area, kitchen facilities, car park, dormitory room, dispatch area, offices for department employees, also area when it comes to two pumpers, the all-terrain car and the brand new vehicle prepared for rescue and extrication.

Clarence White, the Friendswood Fire Chief at that moment, and the 30 men and women, all volunteers, trained in fire and rescue procedures, appreciated how Friendswood ended up being encouraging their particular efforts.

The newest fire station has also been the beds base for crisis Medical Service arm of this VFD, which was positioned for two years. It was known as the Friendswood Emergency Ambulance provider, when it started its functions in August 1973, with an actual ambulance. Before 1973, the VFD had been utilizing an old, retired place wagon design ambulance which Froberg Funeral Residence in Alvin had supplied. The volunteers painted it red and cajoled it into service.” (the very first EMS run ended up being logged 4/12/1972)

“The first standard ambulance, which cost less than $15, 000, had been bought because of the town, thanks to the determination of Van Williams which showed up time and time again ahead of the City Council until he convinced them associated with the need. Throughout their very first year of operation, the ambulance solution replied 131 calls, hurried 101 individuals to medical facilities and delivered one baby on the way to Clear Lake Hospital at Webster. The Typical response time of the ambulance ended up being 5.7 mins.”

“The crisis Medical provider ended up being fortunate to own lots of women volunteers who joined up with the group throughout the 1970’s, making the dedication necessary to use the training and to offer their particular time to act as crisis health technicians.”

1980 and Beyond

“…in 1983, the 9-1-1 Emergency program continued line, providing the residents of Friendswood together with surrounding area instant response to an urgent situation. “

“As soon as the Friendswood Volunteer Fire division conducted their particular yearly investment drive-in 1993, they informed the community that they had been operating three fire channels, which housed nineteen pieces of fire equipment and three advanced level life-support ambulances. That equipment included the brand new $250, 000 Pierce Javelin 2, 000 GPM pumper that were put in service in January 1992.”

In 1993 the Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department had been staffed with 89 experienced and devoted Friendswood volunteers.

These days the FVFD is staffed with over 90 highly trained and committed volunteers. Our volunteer division is supplemented with 22 paid time crew Paramedics and Firefighters. We presently run three channels, three Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances, one Ladder vehicle, four Engines, one brush vehicle, one help vehicle, one responsibility officer car, 4 EMS first responder vehicles (loaded with AED’s), 1 EMS Chief’s vehicle, 1 Fire Chief’s automobile and two Asst Fire Chief’s cars.

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