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The reason why for desperate to enroll in the Chugiak Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc. or of every volunteer organization are endless. Irrespective of your explanation you have to wish to be an integral part of the corporation. During an urgent situation we're a strategic team of disaster experts, and after we can enjoy being a close-knit group of neighbors. We are always willing to welcome another good-neighbor into our ranks.

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Take a look at this website link below supplied by the Alaska State Firefighter's Association for more great information about volunteering within neighborhood.

Volunteering in Your Community

The following information will give you a synopsis of the numerous programs offered, the requirements, the application form and acceptance procedure, while the training and probationary process. These details should help you in identifying if volunteering with CVFRD is right for you.

CVFRD has five forms of membership which can be detailed right here including; energetic, book, affiliate, and junior people.


An active firefighter would be assigned to a task crew and will respond with this responsibility staff. A working firefighter will likely to be required to attend all business and instruction conferences of this Company as is reasonable and useful. He or she will probably be at the least eighteen(18) years old, reside in CVFRD district and must have a legitimate Alaska Drivers License.


a book firefighter would be assigned to a duty team and can respond to all problems upon demand. You will have no more than nine(9) reserve people at any time. The book user's duty will be to perform various jobs on fire floor as based on the officer responsible. An reserve member should be necessary to attend all business conferences and education meetings regarding the business as it is sensibly practical. She or he will be no less than eighteen(18) years, have a home in CVFRD district and must have a legitimate Alaska Drivers License.


A junior firefighter will probably be no less than fourteen(14) years of age, live in the Anchorage School District's Chugiak senior school attendance area, stay glued to all rules and regulations regarding the Company and people described herein:

  • Won't be allowed to make movements, vote or hold company.
  • Shall assist at fire views and emergencies as directed because of the incident leader when they were approved because of the Chief and will function as a medic if skilled.
  • May well not respond to phone calls in their typical school hours.
  • Might dismissed for cause straight away by vast majority vote of this Executive Board.
  • Shall maintain present Anchorage class District minimal quality point average for extracurricular activities.
  • Need written parental permission to put on as a junior


An affiliate member will react to phone calls from Latimer (section 31) on weekdays and on weekends as outlined below. A joint venture partner Member must be currently certified by the State of Alaska as an urgent situation Medical Technician or have completed instruction comparable to Alaska's Firefighter I curriculum. An Affiliate Member will probably be no less than eighteen(18) years of age, live outside of the CVFRD District, must have a legitimate Alaska motorists license, adhere to all rules and regulations associated with the business and those described herein.

  • Will not be permitted to make movements, vote or hold company, nor qualify for advantages.
  • Should be available at Latimer 0630-1830 weekdays no less than 48 hours a month.
  • Must go to as much once a week (Wednesday) training nights as practical.
  • Must follow sales and guidelines of ranking CVFRD employees on scene.
  • Might be dismissed for cause straight away by vast majority vote for the Executive Board.

We additionally provide a couple of account benefits to our people, such as for example a AAA Alaska membership rebate, so be sure to enquire about all of them throughout your direction if you opt to be a Volunteer. ​

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