The Carrollton Volunteer Fire

Carrollton Volunteer Fire Department

Parks and Recreation Department provides possibly the many sturdy of opportunities to touch base and help the community—from the floor up! Have you heard of follow a Highway? Carrollton supplies the possiblity to adopt a flower sleep if not a playground to help preserve and beautify our community. Various other volunteer areas feature Office Assistant, Park Patrol, Parks Grounds Maintenance, and Youth Sports Coach. For details, telephone call 972-466-3086.

The A.W. Perry Homestead Museum can always use Collection Care and Program volunteers throughout the year. Help with occasions, tours, and more. For details, telephone call 972-466-6382.

Senior Center volunteers perform a number of jobs from greeting clients and handing out equipment, to answering phones and providing trips. For details, call 972-466-4853.

The Carrollton Public Library hinges on dependable volunteers for multiple jobs. Volunteer opportunities are published on city's website as needed.
  • Children’s Programming Support volunteers make use of the Youth providers Coordinator to effectively provide programs and services from young children to teens.
  • Super Sorter volunteers assist the Friends of the Carrollton Public Library, a non-profit Library assistance team, to type donated publications into selected categories at each and every Library for semi-annual book sales.
  • You might even volunteer while the Volunteer Coordinator! This position reports towards the Friends associated with the Carrollton Public Library and recruits volunteers for the semi-annual guide sales and manages the yearly tasks of book sorters.
  • Shelving Assistant volunteers contribute their particular time shelving, shelf-reading, straightening general public places, and other administrative tasks as assigned by the Access Services Supervisor.

For details, telephone call 972-466-4800.

Animal Providers and Adoption Center
If you can’t just take one residence, come visit them all! Volunteers help with walking dogs, having fun with kitties, cleansing duties, assisting the leading work desk, and assisting with customers. The Center is constantly in search of people or teams that willing to make a difference in the lives of your pets. Assist teach social abilities, obedience, tricks, plus. Call 972-466-3420 for details.

Ecological Solutions
The city developing workplace recently started Carrollton Cares – a course that links local organizations with local projects and charitable offering options. It is absolve to engage using the City plus church or company need not be positioned within City boundaries; a mission to serve the Carrollton Community may be the only requirement. For details, call 972-466-9121.

Environmentally friendly high quality Division encourages your chapel or business to assist the community as well as the environment. Volunteer to either pick-up litter from Carrollton’s City areas and waterways or destination violent storm strain markers on violent storm strain inlets. Both activities are neighborhood solution tasks that are great team development exercises and academic tasks. For more information on either task, kindly call 972-466-3063.

Carrollton Police Department
The Carrollton people on Patrol group provides those with opportunities to find out more about the functions of neighborhood police force. Citizens may take a working part in attempts to maintain a secure city through programs offered by the Carrollton Police Department and through its officials. Phone 972-466-4786 for home elevators ways you can get involved to help with making your neighborhood and City of Carrollton a safer location to live.

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