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Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Department

Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Department- Founded 1916: 85 many years of Service

Bucket brigades had been the mode of fire battling until 1916, when several industrious men organized the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire business. They secured a hose cart, that the firemen pulled to fires for eight years. After that, in 1924, the volunteers bought their particular very first motorized bit of fire equipment. It absolutely was a brand new available cab American LaFrance, chain-drive pumper. It absolutely was early 1929 once they had been chartered as a non-profit charitable company because of the Commonwealth process of law. In 1945, the volunteers bought the Bonosky home on Bower Hill path and donated it to the Borough, where land, the current Borough Building was built. This building housed the fire department and all sorts of various other functions associated with borough. The firemen moved within their brand new quarters on December 15, 1948, in which they stayed until 1997, as soon as the firemen relocated into their new fire section and social hallway on Commercial Street. Click on this link to check out the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Department's website.

This new-fire station and personal hallway ended up being built totally without using any tax dollars. A building committee found frequently over many months with designer Richard Hamil, designing the new station and social hallway. The station has actually four large bays to accommodate their five cars: an '88 KME heavy pumper, a 77 United states LaFrance hefty pumper, a 2003 United states LaFrance/Salisbury hefty relief vehicle, '97 Dodge Pickup and an '82 Pierce 100-foot ladder tower.

The fire station comes with a gathering room, administrative and line officials' workplaces, lockers for turnout equipment, an exercise and work space. The personal hallway, which the firemen known as, "The Chartiers place" is large and can comfortably accommodate around 300 men and women for marriage receptions, banquets, corporate conferences or getaway parties. The hall is fully carpeted not in the oak parquet party floor, holds a big wet club, spacious kitchen, huge restrooms and a spacious foyer. The entire facility is handicapped obtainable. The Chartiers Room is "Bridgeville's Best Kept Secret". To find out more, kindly click here is directed with their own website!

The division presently has actually near 50 energetic people. These days, this division and many surrounding divisions likewise have females firefighters. They go through the same substantial training and evaluation as their male counterparts. BVFD is always trying to find brand new members and volunteer firefighters. For more information on getting a part or volunteer, please call 412.221.1711, stop down the section, or look at the web site right here to learn more.

BVFD relies on the fundraising attempts of its firemen to invest in their up to date gear and apparatus purchases. The price of both equipment and device will continue to rise. Besides the fish frys, once a week Monday Night Bingo, account dues and periodic events hosted, they sincerely value the donations created by the community.

The department always mails away requests for donations yearly, but definitely, donations at any time are greatly needed and appreciated. TAKE NOTE THAT THE NOBODY THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT WILL EVER CALL YOUR HOME TO SOLICIT MONEY. IF THIS SHOULD APPEAR, PLEASE NOTIFY THE BOROUGH IMMEDIATELY! For the time being, if you would like to deliver a donation, kindly do so to: The Bridgeville Volunteer Fire division, 370 Commercial Street, Bridgeville PA 15017.

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