Bay District Volunteer

Bay District Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighter/EMT Stephen Stockwell, December 30

Final Monday, the nineteenth of December while people in the division were in on a regular basis scheduled Business Meeting. We reported that it was nonetheless unknown as soon as the new Tower-9 had been to be delivered. We'd a great enough reason to blame it in, as a N2O sensor was causing a concern with a "Check system Light" but knowing full really that it was fixed and on its way-down to Station 3 for distribution over time ... (Full Story & images)

Bay District Volunteers, December 15

At roughly 0930 channels 3, 9 and surrounding divisions were notified for a working apartment fire on Marshall Blvd in Lexington Park.

Engine 32 was initially showing up finding a 3-Story end-of-the-row apartment building with fire and smoke showing through the back regarding the building and asked for a second Alarm is started. Motor 32 presented and deployed the 250 foot of 1.75" strike range from the rear ... (Comprehensive tale & images)

Bay District Volunteers, November 10

As the evening rush-hour ended up being getting under means a motor vehicle accident went at root of the Thomas Johnson Bridge on the St. Mary's part.

Engine 91 & Rescue 3 had the ability to responded rapidly after dispatch. Traffic rapidly copied along Routes 4 & 235. En 91 arrived very first advising of a 3 car crash with one occupant being important 4. relief 3 arrived and setup for extrication. (Complete Story)

Prior to 8 AM business 3 ended up being dispatched for an auto accident. Relief 3 responded right after dispatch.

When on scene it was discovered to-be an at once style accident involving 2 automobiles. One occupant had suffered a broken knee. To really make it much easier thereon occupant Rescue 3 made a 3rd door transformation into the drivers side. Today the staff could get rid of the occupant without producing even more discomfort or ... (Full tale & images)

Deputy Fire Chief Steve Stockwell, October 07

On October seventh, 2016 at around 3:20pm people in Bay District responded to the report of a MVA with accidents. E-91 (Sgt. Thompson), SQ-3 (DC Stockwell), SAFETY-3 (Eno) and CAPT-3 (Burroughs) responded to the scene. Upon the arrival of one for the health units, the topics were reported becoming entrapped inside the vehicle.Pre-Arrival Photo Courtesy of circumference= Now what that means is the fact that usually the patients are hurt with ... (Comprehensive Story & Photos)

Bay District Volunteers, September 29

Right before the mid-day rush-hour businesses 9 & 3 had been alerted for an MVA concerning a pedestrian . Engine 91 and save 3 had been fast to respond. Chief 7B came first locating an individual pinned under a pickup. Citizens used a floor jack to life the car from the client adequate to enable respiration.

Motor 91 arrived and began stabilizing the automobile as Rescue 3 came. The team from the Rescue ... (complete Story & pictures)

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