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Annandale Volunteer Fire Department

I joined because i desired to accomplish something to assist my commuinty, I know sappy and more than utilized, but it's the facts. I see countless injustices taking place and when could make someone smile, whether it ended up being through the available house, the parade and on occasion even assisting an individual be more comfortable which was sufficient in my situation. And undoubtedly you understand I want to be a flight medic, and what much better location to take action than Fairfax! Really, its an honor to be able to work/serve to you and all of your users as civil servants.

My moms and dads have constantly taught me and my brothers you just TRULY give once you give of your self hence you can't do a kindness too early because you'll never know exactly how soon it will be far too late. I love individuals also to provide my time to assist them to is quite worthwhile and tends to make me very happy.

The reason why I made a decision to volunteer during the fire station will be help many individuals in variety circumstances that gives me personally satisfaction. The light and sound of an ambulance is another explanation.

Having only already been with all the Annandale Fire division for some months, We have currently made close friends, learned additional skills and still get knowledge that may enable me to help men and women during my neighborhood. My satisfaction does not are presented in the form of a paycheck nevertheless the proven fact that someday i might save a life tends to make myself delighted.

I joined up with the Annandale Volunteer Fire division because I think in serving the city and providing of myself. The Fire Department and EMS conserved my entire life several times and now have been there whenever my loved ones required help. As a Registered Nurse, Im in a unique place to aid other individuals officially, while mixing this with all the art of Nursing. Compassion, competency, neighborhood, dedication, and Christ are the factors we provide with all the AVFD.

I've lived in Annandale for nearly my entire life, and I also love this neighborhood. I am grateful for possibilities and thoughts this area has furnished myself through the years, and I also believed it was just straight to offer my community the best way I knew exactly how. The truly amazing individuals with who I have the privilage to volunteer listed here are like my 2nd family members. It generally does not get any benefit than that.

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