Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteer Fire Department in Washington State

Application and Evaluation Process

Programs tend to be acknowledged all year round and may be gone back to the Volunteer system Coordinator. Programs should be submitted before May 1st becoming considered for the next recruit course. People that EMT or EMT/FFI certified may submit their particular application through October 1st. Programs provided following the due date will undoubtedly be processed the after recruit class.To be eligible to become a Recruit Volunteer Firefighter, an applicant must meet with the following entry skills:

  • Be age 18 or older at period of application.
  • Have actually increased school diploma (or equivalent) at time of application.
  • Have a legitimate Washington State license.
  • Have an effective background check (in other words., driving record and criminal history).

Following the programs are reviewed for completeness, the candidate participates in a division meeting, a real agility/fitness assessment (CPAT), a suitability profile assessment, and a total health examination.

Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Training

After they are acknowledged in to the volunteer firefighter program, recruits should be enrolled in an urgent situation health Technician (EMT) certification program at the expense of the division. This program starts in September and persists approximately 10 days. Following the effective conclusion of EMT education, recruits will continue their education on Tuesday nights in order to become acquainted with the fire device and gear when preparing when it comes to beginning of their FFI recruit academy, which begins in April. This 11 week, 264-hour course takes place on weekends (6:00 P.M. Friday to 5:00 P.M Sunday) within Washington State Fire Training Academy in North Bend and culminates in a worldwide Fire Service Accredidation Congress (IFSAC ) FFI certification.

Volunteer Firefighter Expectations

As probationary firefighters, brand-new volunteers are encouraged to answer incidents from any of the channels within the task team. When they have actually completed their particular probationary year, volunteer firefighters may also answer crisis phone calls from your home. Ongoing education is a component of a Volunteer firefighters committment towards division plus the comminity we provide. Volunteers have to go to regular division exercises (Tuesday nights from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.) to steadfastly keep up and enhance their EMS and fire suppression abilities. Becoming considered a working volunteer firefighter, people must respond to at least two calls weekly. Furthermore, the active volunteer firefighter must follow all training standards since established because of the Training Division.

Resident Program

The Bainbridge Island Fire division Volunteer Resident system was created to offer shared benefits to the division and volunteer people. The division makes use of Volunteer Residents in the programs to offer additional response abilities for fire and health problems. In substitution for this solution, Volunteer Residents are provided with residing hotels and guaranteed in full shift tasks. Potential Residents needs to be FFI and EMT qualified and generally are subject to the same application and evaluation process as various other volunteers. The Volunteer Resident's primary obligation should support division operations, including answering calls for solution and involvement in instruction activities alongside tasks as instructed. The root viewpoint of this program is supply all Volunteer Residents using the possibility to offer the Bainbridge Island Fire Department and community, while furthering their private or job development goals.

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