Desire to serve

Volunteer Fire Department in Ontario

Apply online by attaching your application and responding to the mandatory questionnaire. Or send your resume and required survey personally or by mail. Duplicate applications are shredded. Programs tend to be disqualified if:

  • the required questionnaire is not completed in complete
  • your resume is not submitted
  • Untrue statements are built on your application or survey

How-to use

Your on line application must be submitted by Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

Make sure your “My Profile” email address is up to date to include your overall street address, phone number(s) and email. These details will be familiar with validate if you reside within the catchment area. All kinds of communication will likely be sent to you through the current email address presented.

If you need to make revisions to your application, update your personal contact information, connect a fresh resume or change answers towards the survey, re-apply with the same User title ahead of the closing date, Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

Apply directly or by post, reference Job ID #11802

In-person to:

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